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MapleLegends - Old School MapleStory [v62] [Mac compatible] [Challenging]

Remember when you made your first character – rolling the dice multiple times to get perfect stats? The time when MapleStory was challenging, every meso was valuable & every level was an accomplishment? MapleLegends will bring you back the original Old School Maplestory. With a personalised touch from all MapleStory regions (Global, SEA, Taiwan, China). MapleLegends is the most authentic and difficult Old School MapleStory around, like the old days! For over 2 years we are providing an Old School experience with a massive and friendly community and NO Pay2win!

Old School MapleStory V62 NoVote2Win NoPay2Win Friendly Community Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate


Enjoy our open alpha stage and witness MapleStory done right. Come experience our friendly environment and meet our amazing staff! Where developers work with the community to build the perfect server. REXION boasts fun but challenging game play with rates of 4 x experience, 2 x mesos, and 2 x drops. Join our discord today for all the latest news!

No P2W Friendly Community MapleStory low rate


[v117.2 8x 5x 2x] [Buffed Channel] [NX from newer versions] [Weapon Level System] [Fishing] [Auto-Job Advancements] [Jobs up to Mihile] [NoP2W] [Monster Park] [Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ, LMPQ, BossPQ] [NX from Mobs] [Dynamic Rates after Lv 200] [Hiring Within]

V117 KoC Evans Dual Blader Potentials Low Rate Ultimate Explorer NoPay2Win Friendly Community HP Washing Optional Casual Challenging Nostalgic Low Rate

V83 MapleLight [Temporary Shutdown] [Looking Coder]

MapleLight has been temporary shut down for further updates. If you wish to be updated kindly join our discord [CODER APPLICATION OPEN] [WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR CODER WHO ARE INTERESTED TO CODE FOR MAPLE VOLUNTARILY] You can join our discord and pm any of the GM / Owner if you are interested in this development!

V83 NoPay2Win Friendly Community PvP Nostalgic

MapleSyrup - Beta

Looking for that nostalgic experience? We welcome you to our server! Weekly Updates!!! Working PQs, Quests, Ulu City Fully working, Full Cash Shop, NO P2W!!! MapleSyrup is a V.83 Low rate server! We strive to provide you with a friendly, fun and competitive environment. We are a new server that first let players join our ranks on November 10th 2017, with a constantly growing community and friendly professional staff we strive to provide you with a mapling experience you\'ve never had before! We\'re working on custom content while providing a stable server for your enjoyment. Come join us and s

V83 NoPay2Win Friendly Community Nostalgic Low Rate


95% System Implements || 99% skills working || *NEW* PQs || Super Hell Bosses || 99% Quests working || Cashshop WORKING || Vietnamese Server || Vote for NX || Explorer - Knight Of Cygnus - Resistance - Heroes - Nova - Sengoku - Zero - Pink Bean - Kinesis - Beast Tamer.

v176 Face/Hair/Cash Items Low Rate PvP Friendly Community

Kya Story

Looking for a private server that is constantly adding new content? KyaStory is the place for you. Our team is devoted to providing a custom/stable environment for our users. Some features include: [JQ NPC], [MSI], [INTERESTING RB SYSTEM], [BEST PVP SYSTEM (with achievements)], [CUSTOM EVENTS], [CUSTOM GACHA], [GREAT DONOR REWARDS], [FRIENDLY/ENGAGING COMMUNITY], [OCCUPATION SYSTEM], [DAILY LOGIN REWARDS]. Join now!

V83 Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Custom PQs High Rate PvP


Never-before-seen, balanced growth for your character, equipment, and even skills! No need for rebirth since you can advance to every job. Most PQs & Boss Rush fully functional. PVP enabled in Channel 5. Custom auto DC for hackers. No pay2win & completely free to play. Very active admin. Frequent updates & planned never-before-seen expansions. Feature-rich, fast and stable source from scratch, made by a professional. Join the revolution.

Friendly Community PvP Low Rate