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MapleDestiny v83 Nostalgic [16x4x4x]

Winter event now live! We strive to offer nostalgic gameplay with our own modern twist. [Professional Staff] [Competitive rates] [Late-game exp curve] [v86 skill changes and class balancing] [GMS-like bossing and PQs] [Buffed PQ prizes and exp] [Nostalgic training spots buffed] [Ulu and Ninja Castle] [The first and original transmog system] [Player hosted events] [No pay-to-win] [No tolerance for vote abuse] [GuildHQ and alliances] [Updated hair, eyes, and cash shop] [Active development] Online since 2012~ New world 2016~ Join us today!


Follow - MAPLESTORY PRIVATE SERVER [Mac Compatible] 40x event exp

Do you miss the old MapleStory ?! We certainly sure you do ! , MapleFollow offers you a nostalgic, challenging experience and brings you back to the old times ! Whether its fun, bosses, shops, unique, missions, action, Party Quests We have Rebirth System! Server has been running since 12.22.16! So what are you waiting for ?! REGISTER now and join our tremendous server ! [GMS 0.62] 20x/6x/4x

V62 V62 DojoPQ Nostalgic V62 MonsterCarnivalPQ MSI proitem Rebirths PvP Hard maplestory


[v117.2 8x 5x 2x] [Buffed Channel] [NX from newer versions] [Weapon Level System] [Fishing] [Auto-Job Advancements] [Jobs up to Mihile] [NoP2W] [Monster Park] [Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ, LMPQ, BossPQ] [NX from Mobs] [Dynamic Rates after Lv 200] [Hiring Within]

V117 KoC Evans Dual Blader Potentials Low Rate Ultimate Explorer NoPay2Win Friendly Community HP Washing Optional Casual Challenging Nostalgic Low Rate

Maple Beta V40B - Nostalgic Server [DAILY EVENTS]

Maple Beta is a v40b private server. V40b was the last version of the official Beta for GMS the version right before v0.01. We put our heart into this development, to bring you back the love for Maplestory we all truly miss, based on the beta version of Global Maplestory which was hosted back in 2005. We have available the GMS like original 4 classes, 3rd jobs, boats & much more. Join today to experience the real nostalgia.

v0.01 v40b private server maplestory

Elision v176

Launched 13th of march 2018 and will not wipe |6x/2x/2x|Custom Ayame class|All classes up to Aran&Evan; revamp| Buffed Channels |Skill Balances | Arcane River | Umbra equipment


Wish you could enjoy newer MapleStory content, but love low-version gameplay too much? SlimeTales combines Pre-BB nostalgia with rebalanced Post-BB content, using a very stable and English-translated KMS source! Enjoy our unique HP/MP gain system, which cuts out the need for HP/MP washing, and custom enhancing & crafting systems that help you reach your maximum potential! You\'ll also always stay fresh with our countless higher-version cosmetic options! With 100% working PQs, raids, and more, join us as we revolutionize the Mapling experience!

V75 Mac Compatible Casual HP Washing Optional No P2W

MapleStory - The Lost Chapters NEW AND UNIQUE SERVER

[Looking for BETA PLAYERS!][X1 RATES!][CUSTOM JOBS!][HANDMADE STYLES AND EVENTS!!] MS:TLC is dedicated to creating a real fun, unique and GMS like experience! We are VERY much in BETA. A lot of things are broken, and lot needs done. We are working our hardest to get things going, but need people on in order to find and test things properly!


MapleHeros - Adventuers of Heroes

MapleHeros - MapleStory Private server run\'s on version 117.2 . Alot of special stuffs, Special Server PQ, all boss\' 100% work\'s, low rate server 6exp , 4meso , 2 drop\'s. We promise to build ahuge friendl\'y comunity, special donate shop with epic stuffs! COOMING SOON ! WE PROMISE daily events and prices. Come and Join us - Web Site release date 10.2.2018

V117 Special Stuffs Low Rate rebirth

MapleSyrup - Beta

Looking for that nostalgic experience? We welcome you to our server! Weekly Updates!!! Working PQs, Quests, Ulu City Fully working, Full Cash Shop, NO P2W!!! MapleSyrup is a V.83 Low rate server! We strive to provide you with a friendly, fun and competitive environment. We are a new server that first let players join our ranks on November 10th 2017, with a constantly growing community and friendly professional staff we strive to provide you with a mapling experience you\'ve never had before! We\'re working on custom content while providing a stable server for your enjoyment. Come join us and s

V83 NoPay2Win Friendly Community Nostalgic Low Rate



Development Story

If your interested please come play to help us test features. You can play legit or use the in-game cheat menu to spawn items, change your rates and warp wherever you want. Updates coming out every day. Please suggest features. Once we release we will need GMs! This server is heavily in development and receives updates daily.


Khaini [GMS v162] MapleStory Server

The best MapleStory private server. We offer challenging, yet very balanced rates. We offer creative custom content [Buffed and custom maps, custom bosses, level 255, class balances, Ayame class and so much more]. We have all classes available.

DayMS [V83] [6x-3x-2x] [Open Alpha]

DayMS is a GMS like server with custom affinities. [Faction System] [Fishing System] [Unique NPC Crafting] [Custom Rebirth Experience] [Custom Donor NPC] [Custom Vote NPC] [Custom Event NPC] ALPHA/BETA testers will receive special items on the official launch. Check us out Today! ~Day


Lumrie - v91 Discord open

The best MapleStory private server, yet very balanced rates. we strive to offer you a Day / Night system that Cycles. GMS style rune system, Elite mob system, Hard to Rebirth ,Challenging , Custom content [Buffed maps, custom bosses, level 254] , complete Windows 8/8.1/10 support , All classes available. DON’T miss out!



[v146] [6/2/1] [Working cash shop rings] [GM Events] [Buffed Channels] Competitive rates, Custom & updated WZ and more coming soon! Currently in Closed Alpha, visit our forums for more updates!


Hello! Welcome to TimeMS. This server is BRAND NEW, and is a start for a young coder. I am currently looking for people who are good with Java, or coding in general, to help me in my learning experience. I hope to get this server up and running and to gain some experience and knowledge from it. Message me on the server discord, and let me know what you could offer to the server. See you around!



Selling cheap Java Based MapleStory version 173.1 source, and developer for hire. Contact at

MapleOasis v83

MapleOasis v83 [COMING SOON] - [100x Exp 50x Meso 2x Drop] Discord:



Maplestory Nostalgic Private Server


MapleState - We are looking for a single coder, contact: nguyen050 serious inquires!

OmegaMS v178 Maplestory Private Server

OmegaMS is a competitive v178 server, rates 8/3/3, buffed maps, class balancing, no damage cap, level 255 cap, NX formula for mobs and more. Closed beta starting soon. Join our discord now!

Kya Story

Looking for a private server that is constantly adding new content? KyaStory is the place for you. Our team is devoted to providing a custom/stable environment for our users. Some features include: [JQ NPC], [MSI], [INTERESTING RB SYSTEM], [BEST PVP SYSTEM (with achievements)], [CUSTOM EVENTS], [CUSTOM GACHA], [GREAT DONOR REWARDS], [FRIENDLY/ENGAGING COMMUNITY], [OCCUPATION SYSTEM], [DAILY LOGIN REWARDS]. Join now!

V83 Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Custom PQs High Rate PvP

MapleBucket v83

upcoming maplestory v83 private server. If you want to help out , check out the discord :


New Server still in beta in few weeks will released :)

StoryBook v83 This is your story

Brand new innovative server. Looking for a team of skilled and experienced people who are willing to devote time. In need of an assistant coder, few staff members, and a web dev. Let me know -- discord; pheonix#7967 email;


Beta test will change it.



Currently under development! Come visit us when we\'re ready.


GFX for hire

Maplestory GFXer for hire, will work for any server, no pay or GM required, message me on kik at baous OR message me on skype at muzik2loud

ElegantMS v62 12x6x2x

[GMS-like v62] [Bonus EXP areas] [Boss rewards] [Constant development] [Custom content] [Custom quest line] [Zak/HT/Pap/Pianus] [99% working skills] [Unique changes] [KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/PPQ/ZPQ and more] [Take a break here] [WZ edits soon] [Early summer release] [Join the discord for updates]


ClassicMS - Experience the past

Experience 2009-era MapleStory in its prime at ClassicMS. We offer a vanilla form (1x rates) of MapleStory v62 with no additional edits to the game, a friendly community with near daily events along with free NX (you have to vote for NX). Most of our content is working, and the rest are almost fixed.


2x Exp & Drop cards are functional. Working explorers, Aran and Cygnus Knights. PIC Working fully and deleting characters is functional. Guild creation, alliances, Guild PQ, family, boat rides. PQs (Ariant PQ & CPQ broken ATM) and many major & minor quests working fully. Theme Dungeons working, Mushroom Castle, Kerning Square, etc. Demon hat quests work. 100% Dojo, 80% Pink Bean, fully working Horntail, Zakum, Anego, BF, HH and more to be tested. FM works fully, Cash shop, Gacha, Owl, Player shops, Hammer, Scissors of Karma (Platinum Disabled) and much more to be tested & added.



Goodmaple low rates v175

ANY VERSIONS Looking for Coders Proyect any Version i have VPS 5 RAM DISCORD :)


Server is down


Orion v92 - Nostalgia with a refreshing twist

The ONLY v92 MapleStory Private Server! We take pre-bigbang to the next level with HD 1024x768 resolution and complete Windows 8/8.1/10 support. Not only are we nearly identical to GMS, we also offer our own completely custom classes (NOT skill covers) and Nexon-quality content that no other server can compare! Come join us in the Open ALPHA while we await the BETA where we introduce Resistance classes (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic) and DEV City~



5x Exp/2X Drop/2x Mesos. Custom HP Quests, Skill Reworks, Crafting System, BossPQ, and much more. If you are looking for a low-rate server with new interesting changes then stay tuned for MapleAery\'s release.


MapleLegends [v62] Old School MapleStory - Summer events

Come for the Old School experience, stay for the fun. MapleLegends is a Pre-Big Bang MapleStory Server. We provide many nostalgic features including Omok and Match Cards, Ring Effects (Crush Rings), Hired Merchants, Cash Shop Storage, all working skills, all working quests, all of the party quests from your childhood (Henesys PQ, Kerning PQ, Ludibrium PQ, Ludibrium Maze PQ, Orbis PQ, Pirate PQ, Guild Quest), a great community that made old MapleStory fantastic, NO pay2win, and much much more. Take the time machine and join today to re-experience the wonderful world of Old School MapleStory...

[Vertisy] V90 Challenge Server

[v90 5, 1, 1] Vertisy is a Server that main goal is to have a re-skinned old maplestory experience. With v90 you have newer skills and balance changes, as well as jobs. Iron Man and Hard Mode. Re-Skinned Skills / Changes. We have a Day / Night system that Cycles. [night mobs give more exp, but are stronger] GMS style rune system, Elite mob system. Profession type skills ( you only get ores by mining). 5th job skills past level 200. Currently in Open Alpha. Come try it out Today.


will edit later


CrimsonMS is an up and coming v55 Private server to bring back the Nostalgic feel, with an added twist of custom quests to help you glide through levels. At 2/1/1 Rates it\'s sure to give you a challenge. You can join our discord and watch the progress until the launch at


Maple Story Global

A Maple Story private server that brings back what the game was in 2010 - Evans, Classic and Dual blade quest lines like GMS and much more!



Sexy Maplestory.



Closed 12-28-2017