MapleStory Private Servers in Australia

Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers ranked by popularity in Australia

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UnknownSEA - One & Only

MapleSEA v1.12.4 • 8x/6x/2x • Competitive Gameplay • Adventurer/KOC/Aran/Dual Blade/Evan/UA/Resistance • Professions • Guild/Family/Alliance • Marriages • Guild Quest/Party Quest/Boss Party Quest • All Working Bosses incl: Cygnus/Von Leon/Pink Bean/Scarlion/Targa/Zakum/Horntail/Chaos Bosses • Automated Events • Full Potential/Enhancement • Fishing System • Hired Merchant • Pets/Pet Skills • Much more for you to find out! Join now and experience the fun of nostalgia with a mix of custom content! Currently in closed beta, follow our facebook page for more information!

MAPLE IMPACT [V62] Ultimate 30x

New Server - New Source - Exp Rate: 30x - Level Cap: 255 Custom Powerfull

illiyaNetwork - v167GMS

Welcome to Illiya, a community build network that works to ensure the satisfaction of its players. Our Network runs a GMS up to date server. Our GMS server is a low rate GMS like server that has minimal bugs with Unique Features. For more information, join our community!