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Listing the most popular Maplestory private servers.

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MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server
No longer recognize today’s MapleStory as the one you played in the good old days? Try MapleRoyals! MapleRoyals offers a nostalgic experience, the way you remember it, with a large community where you can easily find your place. Whether it’s bossing, PQing, or grinding, you can enjoy it all again here as you did years ago! MapleRoyals has been continuously running for 5 years and counting with around 1,500 players at any given time!
V83 V62 No Pay2Win Party Quests Friendly Community HP Washing Optional Old School MapleStory Challenging Fun Nostalgic Low Rate
AriesMS [GMS v196 Ark]
Are you looking for the best Maplestory experience? Give us a shot! AriesMS strives to bring you the most stable and rewarding gameplay realistically achievable. While other Maplestory servers stagnate in mundanity, we desire to evolve beyond boundaries with every update! Indulge in working 5th jobs, modernistic gameplay, latest classes, balanced progression and content specifically tailored for you! With aboveboard administration, innovatively customized content and unequivocal clarity in communication, we are the embodiment of Maplestory Development done right!
Croosade v92 - 4x Exp, 3x Quest, 3x Drop
[Challenging but fair game play] [Friendly, educated and experienced moderators] [Active staff] [Keeping up to date with a love for detail] [Stable and safe] [Online 24/7] [Rewarding daily ingame activites] [No equip potential/enhancement system] [No pay to win] [Custom HP/MP system] [Most PQs] [All jobs and skills] [All quests] [GMS-like friendship, engagement and marriage] [Lightweight client supporting high resolutions] [Professional anti-cheat system] [Compatible with MAC and Linux]
MapleLegends - Old School MapleStory - v62 - STABLE Mac Compatibility - Challenging - Summer Events
Remember when you made your first character – rolling the dice multiple times to get perfect stats? The time when MapleStory was challenging, every meso was valuable & every level was an accomplishment? MapleLegends will bring you back the original Old School Maplestory. With a personalised touch from all MapleStory regions (Global, SEA, Taiwan, China). MapleLegends is the most authentic and difficult Old School MapleStory around, like the old days! For over 3 years we are providing an Old School experience with a massive and friendly community and NO Pay2win!
Old School MapleStory V62 NoRWT2Win NoVote2Win NoPay2Win Party Quests Friendly Community HP Washing Optional Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate Skill Balance Changes
Ossyria [GMS v162] MapleStory Private Server
The best MapleStory private server. We offer challenging, yet very balanced rates. We offer creative custom content [Buffed and custom maps, custom bosses, level 255, class balances, Ayame class and so much more]. We have all classes available.
MapleSaga - Old School 8x EXP MapleStory Server [Mac Compatible] [HP Washing Optional]
Want to relive the old days, but don’t have time for a tiresome x4 or x3 EXP grind? TRY MapleSaga (8x EXP), the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! YOU’LL LOVE our rebalanced skills, Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss and more. Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX items as soon as you join and try one of our daily events. Taiwan and Latino players welcome! Job OPPORTUNITIES available. HP washing optional. DON’T miss out!
V62 HP Washing Optional Casual Mac Compatible
Avalon v62 [-SERVER RELEASED-]
Avalon v62 [v62] [4x/3x/2x rates] [Freshly Wiped 30/06/2018] [Rebalanced Skills] [250 Level Cap] [Working Boss Expeditions] [Reworked Boss Drops] [HPQ, KPQ, CarnivalPQ LPQ, LMPQ, PPQ] [Reworked PQ rewards] [Ulu City/Lion Kings Castle] [Auto JQ] [INT no longer required to HP wash] Join our discord now! [-Hiring Developers-]
Eunoia v83
[v83 - 1500x/500x/3x] [KMS v1.2.275 / GMS v180+ Items/Styles/Maps] [GMS-Like Engagements & Weddings] [Spoon-Fed Rewards] [Minigame System] [GuildPQ, LudiPQ, LMPQ, AmoriaPQ, BossPQ] [FM Spawners] [Evolution Lab] [Auction/Market System] [AutoEvents] [Elite Mobs] [Upgradeable Rates] [Daily Rewards] [Monster Park] [SBC\'s] [Active Discord] [Frequent Events]
AcaciaStory [v62] Officially released 3x 1x 2x
[3x 1x 2x] [No 4th job] [Working PQs: HPQ, KPQ, LPQ, LMPQ] [OPQ,PPQ, and more to come!] [New content] [Brand new server] [Being built from the ground up] [Recruiting WZ editors/GFX/GMs/Devs] [Unique] [Won\'t run away with money!] [Customized gameplay to rehash nostalgic feelings from old MapleStory with a mix of new and exciting content!]
V62 Low Rate
MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server
We are a high-rate v0.83 server that molds with the community. »1000x/750x/3x« »Competitive Play« »Item of Choice« »Sandbox to test IOCs« »MSI System« »Custom JQs« »Party Quests« »1000 Rebirths for GM Job« »Peridot Currency« »No Pay to Win« »Game Room« »Lottery« »GM & Player-Hosted Events« »Updated items and styles« »Occupation« »Fishing« »Auto Events« »Equip & Chair Gachapon«
MapleDestiny v83 Nostalgic [16x4x4x] Krexel now released! We strive to offer nostalgic gameplay with our own modern twist. [Professional Staff] [Competitive rates] [Late-game EXP curve] [v86 skill changes and class balancing] [GMS-like bossing and PQs] [Buffed PQ prizes and exp] [Nostalgic training spots buffed] [Ulu and Ninja Castle] [The first and original transmog system] [Player hosted events] [No pay-to-win] [No tolerance for vote abuse] [GuildHQ and alliances] [Updated hair, eyes, and cash shop] [Active development] Online since 2012~ New world 2016~ Join us today!
LunarMS - v83- 2000x 500x 2x - ONLINE NOW
V83 High Rate Fun MSI rebirth maplestory
ProjectNano v83
[JUST WIPED FOR REBALANCE 7/15/2018][ProjectNano][Server dating back to 2007!] [Up to date Hair and Eyes] [Up to date NX][CPQ][Party Play System : Omega Sector Revamp lvl130-200 Training areas][Party Play: Lion Heart Castle just added!][Vote point system!][Rebirths][Skills Books][High number of working quests][Dedicated developers & WZ Editors][Discord][GMS Like approach with custom changes][Community feedback wanted!][2x Exp Events][8x/3x/3x][15x Party Exp]
V83 MonsterCarnival Fun Hard Nostalgic Custom Content Low Rate
Enjoy our open beta stage and witness MapleStory done right. Come experience our friendly environment and meet our amazing staff! Where developers work with the community to build the perfect server. CELLION boasts fun but challenging game play with rates of 4 x experience, 2 x mesos, and 2 x drops. Join our discord today for all the latest news!
GMS Version 188 Active Development No P2W Friendly Community Low Rate
SlimeTree - Brand New [MAC Compatible]
Looking for a unique server that combines both Pre-BB nostalgia gameplay with Post-BB content? Well look no further as SlimeTree has you covered! Rates of 4x EXP/ 2x Meso/ 3x Drop! Updated to the highest-version cosmetic, 100% working PQs : HPQ, KPQ, CarnivalPQ LPQ, OPQ, PPQ, EPQ, R&JPQ;, APQ, DRPQ, Mu Lung Dojo and more. Original LHC, CHC, Colossus, Gold Beach, Chryse. Join NOW!
v65 Low Rate NoVote2Win Mac Compatible Nostalgic No P2W
[Helios] - Open Beta Phase - [5x-2x-2x]
A v62 based server made by members of the community who wanted a breath of fresh air. Join us now to experience the content decisions that we\'ve made in a pre-release setting, and see if we have found where the casual fun from your childhood meets competitive balance for a truly fulfilling game as we always intended. Our friendly and helpful staff aim to make the game about you and your choices - write your own story today.
NoStory [4x exp, 3x meso, 2x drop]
Unique, rewarding, polished gameplay. Custom skill & stat growth system. Experienced, responsive developer. Experience refreshing gameplay with no pay2win.
V83 Friendly Community Low Rate
Tales of Victoria V08 -- As Oldschool As It Gets -- 1x EXP, 1x MESO, 1x DROP
Tales of Victoria is an old-school progressive server that strives to be the most nostalgic and classic experience ever to be available. Tales of Victoria is GMS-like as well, so you really get that nostalgic feeling when you play! Come join our community!
ThaiMS NOW OPEN 12x6x4x
A v62 Maplestory server like no other! With a variety of custom content to leave you hooked for a life time such as LVL 150/160 Equips and LHC/Ulu city (Gachapon Ticket Drops) (Friendly Economy) (No Rebirths)
LowRates Old School V62 Special Stuffs Old School MapleStory low rate Nostalgic
[6x/2x/2x] [Custom Ayame class] [All classes up to Aran & Evan revamp] [Buffed Channels] [Skill Balances] [Arcane River] [Umbra equipment]
MapleHolland - v90 - Before Big Bang
[ RATES : 10 x 3 x 3 ] [ EXP/DROP coupons in Cashshop ]. [ Friendly community ] [ Stable and safe ] [ Active staff ] [ All PQ\'s ] [ All Jobs & Skills working ] [ Lots of Quests work ] [ Gachapon ] [ Vote for NX & Monsters drop NX & Coco NX npc ] [ ALL cash items work ] [ Fun Equip levelup system ] [ MAX level 250 ] [GMS-like marriage ] [ Hired Merchants ] [ Rings working ] [ 24/7 online & frequent Events ] [ Come and JOIN us! ]
V90 Evans Dual Blader Party Quests Friendly Community Custom PQs Old School MapleStory Nostalgic
MapleBeta v40b - A Nostalgic Maplestory experience
This is a recreation of the final beta version that Nexon put out during their closed beta phase during 2005 for GMS, we offer a range of content like 3rd job for all original 4 classes, Deep Ludibrium, Party Quests, and Weekly events. We have poured out heart and soul into making sure this experience will be the last stop you need to make before finding a new Maplestory home, dont wait, join today! MapleBeta contains all the content that was available during v40b in 2005 with just a bit of content from a few versions around v.30, everything has been calculated to be balanced and fair for a
v0.01 v40b private server maplestory Nostalgic
MapleMelody Beta - Official release 13th
[Staff Applications Open] We are a brand new low rate v83 starting open beta this weekend! We aspire to bring you a smooth and balanced game play to suit everyones needs. Our goal is to focus on bossing elements of MapleStory, but at the same time making sure original stuff like quests are retained and rewarding. We also offer updated cosmetics and Cash Shop, Boss PQ, Gachapon and more! More information can be found on our forums!
V83 No P2W HP Washing Optional Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleLumrie V117 - 4X EXP , 3X Meso , 3X Drop OpenDiscord
The Best MapleStory Private Server, we strive to offer you a Challenging , Level 250 , MaxSkills in level 200 with buffs, Party Quest , Active staff [Mac Compatible] - 4X EXP , 3X Meso , 3X Drop. [Server has been running since 12.22.16 and now update to v117.2] Win 7/8/8.1/10/linux.
V117 MonsterCarnivalPQ MSI proitem Rebirths PvP Hard maplestory
HenesysHoes - Chat, Chill, Fun While Alternative World Adventure MS (AWA MS) is going through a revamp enjoy HenesysHoes! HenesysHoes is a server where you and your buddies can fight to be the biggest hoes in all of Henesys!!! Join Now! P.S. All votepoints will carry over as a currency when AWA Launches.
V83 Custom Content Fun Challenging Casual V83
FutureLegend - New Age
An entirely new game, made out of the 2007 MapleStory. Join the waiting list for the beta and stay tuned! Vote to spread the word!
Rhinne - Releasing August 1st - New, Unique challenge [3x/1/1][Low Version Game Play, Up-to-date content~unique twist on GMS][Steady, Unique Gearing and Progression][Up to date: Jobs, Training Maps, Styles; etc][Party Play EXP][Balanced Class and items~No Pay2Win][Custom Items and Arcade][Fun Hangout maps][GMs From every timezone][Endless prizes][Rotating gachapon and styles][~Pandora\'s Box~][Ever Growing Development, Completely open to ideas] There\'s so much more to share; join our discord to get in on our exclusive beta! Hope to see you there!
MapleLight V83 [Alpha Test on July] Pre-register on 4th July
MapleLight is going to bring a good news to everyone! We are coming back on july! Pre-register will start from 4th July. Exact date alpha test will be announce once confirmed.! Join our discord to receive more information about the server and alpha test info!
V83 Active Development No Pay2Win Mid Rate Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Challenging Nostalgic Custom Content
SoltMs V62 - Global MS - Looking to Hire GMs new Server
Job advancer without doing quests, All in one shop, Map warper, Skill Maxer NPC. Lag Free, Hosted on 24/7 VPS we are looking to hire GM\'s Exp Rate: 16 x Meso Rate: 4 x Drop Rate: 6 x
LucianMS v83 Custom - Coming soon - Ark Class
[Custom Worlds] [Custom Pets] [Overwatch items] [Anime items] [Dragon ball] [Ark Job] [Custom jobs] [Custom black mage boss] [Custom kaneki boss] [Cygnus Empress] [Von Leon] [Von Bon] [Crimson Queen] [GMS maps] [Rebirth] [Pink bean job] [Luminous] [Phantom] [Big bang jobs] [Best WZ edits] [Custom systems] [Custom features] [More than 50 custom hairs] [Best sprites] [Custom UI] [Custom mobs] [Uchiha] [Rashoumon] [Anime eyes and hairs] [Friendly staff] [FFA PVP] [Fun maps] [Events] [Evangelion] [Monster Park] [And much more] [V83]
V83 WZ edits V83 Original Content NoPay2Win Custom Areas Friendly Community PvP Custom Content Low Rate maplestory
[BRAND NEW] MapleChord v62 - x8-x40 Exp, x1 Mesos, x2 Drop and x12-x44 Quest Want to play a nostalic version like in the good old days but dont want to grind all day playing on a low rate server? MapleChord offers you a unique old-school semi-gms like expiriece, with mid rates, high mob spawn rate, and re-balanced stats for easier training. We also encourage people to play together by boosting the EXP rate for parties (The more players in the party the more exp you get). On MapleChord you are guaranteed to have fun, whether you are looking for nostalgic gameplay, or you have never experienced it and would like to try! [Active Staff][Rebirths][Dynamic Rates][Beta]
V62 Active Development Mid Rate Party Quests Friendly Community Old School Challenging Rebirths Nostalgic
ClassicMS - Experience the past
Experience 2009-era MapleStory in its prime at ClassicMS. We offer a vanilla form (1x rates) of MapleStory v62 with no additional edits to the game, a friendly community with near daily events along with free NX (you have to vote for NX). Most of our content is working, and the rest are almost fixed.
JoblessMS, The Nostalgic v62 Server Only For Odd Jobbers~
JoblessMS, is a nostalgic server for only beginners and oddjobbers. Come live out your old school oddjob fantasies as a camper, islander, beginner, str mage, str archer, hp warrior, str/etc. rogue or pirate and any sub category of those. Optional hardcore and iron mode. Working individual rankings with obscure oddjob subrankings. Experience events as they were in GMS, get geared up at the Lith Harbor gachapon with balanced rewards. [1x/1x/1x] [2x Quest Exp] [No Cash-Shop Aesthetic]
V62 Hardcore Mode No Leeching No HP Washing No Maroon Mop Free Cosmetics No Gender Limits NoPay2Win Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate
Windia [v62] [HIRING] [Old Maplestory] [No HP Washing]
[LOOKING FOR GMs, GFX and WEB DEVELOPERS] Are you tired of those low rate servers that have HP washing? Do you want to play Maplestory from the 2007-2008 years. Well Windia is the solution for you. We are a v62 low rate private server with balanced gameplay. No HP Washing. GMS-like features. No Pay2Win And many more awesome features. Come join Windia today.
GMS V62 No HP Washing Low Rate No Pay2Win Hard Nostalgic
MapleSyrup v62 BETA
Looking for that nostalgic experience? We welcome you to our server! Weekly Updates!!! NO P2W!!! MapleSyrup is a v62 Low rate server! We strive to provide you with a friendly, fun and competitive environment. We are a constantly growing community and friendly professional staff we strive to provide you with a mapling experience you\'ve never had before! We\'re working on custom content while providing a stable server for your enjoyment. Come join us and see what the fuss is all about! Currently Looking to Hire GFX/GM/Developers
MapleMyth - Enjoy Classic MapleStory
MapleMyth promises a nostalgic GMS-Like experience with bleeding edge software and active development timeline. Besides, we are proud to have our own java-based source developed and running on the latest version of Java 10 that includes a modern client server framework which is Netty to manage all network applications efficiently.
V62 no pay2win Nostalgic Low Rate
SagaStory Fully Customized v83 - The Best adventure you've ever experienced [ 14x 3x 2x]
Saga Story is about changing the game rules. forget about anything you knew about MapleStory because this server has its own version. [Professional Staff] [Level Cap 250 Cygnus and explorers] [Competitive rates] [Late-game exp curve] [Ninja Castle, ulu town, Coke cola, new town!] [GMS-like bossing and PQs] [All PQS are working global like] [our own challenging BPQ] [180V items] [Saga Free Market] [New Saga Systems] [Player hosted events] [FULL job adv1,2,3,4] [GuildHQ and alliances] [Updated hair, eyes, and cash shop to our own stuff and prices] [Active development] Join us Today for our beta
GMS V171 V164 V161 V148 V142 V83 Custom PQ Rewards Challenging MonsterCarnivalPQ DojoPQ maple maplestory
SmexyStory v83 - 15x 6x 6x [Alpha-stage rates]
Live since 2016-12-25 - [No Custom WZ] [Player moderators] [No pay-to-win] [Earn chairs] [Lots of updates] [Stable server] [Vote for NX] [Hired merchants] - We\'re going to lower the rates of the server and do a FULL WIPE on 2018-07-02! We\'ll be entering an alpha-stage (with a full wipe after), in which players can earn a permanent reward when we enter the beta stage, which will never be obtainable anymore. The rates will be 2x, 2x, 2x and the goal is to be as close to vanilla as can be. Join our Discord en watch the Trello board for progress!
V83 Old School Nostalgic
Maple Art Online [BETA] Feel like you are repeating the same steps over and over on different servers? Are you looking for something completely out of the box, professional and innovative? Well look no further! You have found Maple Art online! This server is based on the popular anime Sword Art Online. Travel the 100 floors to get to the very top. Visit maps, meet characters and obtain items you will recognize from the anime! Including: Custom classes & skills - Custom Party Quests - Insanely much custom maps - Masteries to learn besides regular skills - Sword Art Online soundtrack and so much more! Come join
V83 Hardcore Mode Custom Areas Custom Drop Table Custom PQs no pay2win Fun Hard Custom Content Low Rate
1x EXP/MESO/DROPS, 2x Monsters HP, 5x Quest Rewards, New Challenge awaits with the Quest System and rewards, Death penalties such as quest points and exp loss, No cygnus/arans, only explorers ! No Hp Washing! no Pay 2 Win Cash Points, only play to win! we don\'t force you to vote for us, do as you please!, ...Enough said? LittleStory, that\'s is, a small,drama free & simple server based on the still in development HeavenMS Source, Please report any bug to help the development keep going as we all have fun!
Old School V83 No P2W Party Quests No HP Washing Casual DojoPQ Nostalgic Low Rate
MapleSaint v83 1x Exp 1x Meso 1x Drop Free GM Hat
MapleSaint is a brand new v83 server with Free GM Hat. Will you get the Highest Fame? Come join us today and feel the Nostalgic of old Maple! Donate to become a GM. Vote for us 2 times to receive 2x Exp and we have 2x Exp on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We also have Web Gachapon where you can try out your luck
95% System Implements || 99% skills working || *NEW* PQs || Super Hell Bosses || 99% Quests working || Cashshop WORKING || Vietnamese Server || Vote for NX || Explorer - Knight Of Cygnus - Resistance - Heroes - Nova - Sengoku - Zero - Pink Bean - Kinesis - Beast Tamer.
v176 Face/Hair/Cash Items Low Rate PvP Friendly Community