MapleStory Private Servers

Listing the most popular Maplestory private servers.

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AriesMS [GMS v180]

GMS v180.1 V Job:: AriesMS is always up-to-date with the latest patches of GMS. We strive to bring you a balanced community with awesome contents. Working Kinesis, Pink Bean jobs, revamped Battle Mage and Wild Hunter. Working PQs and Bosses up to Ursus! Custom drops from monsters and boss! Unique Guild PQ loots! Monster Park! Daily events! Latest and coolest chairs and cash items! Working wedding and ring effects! Why get hyped over other servers? We are here!

MapleRoyals - Nostalgic MapleStory Server

No longer recognize today’s MapleStory as the one you played in the good old days? Try MapleRoyals! MapleRoyals offers a nostalgic experience, the way you remember it, with a large community where you can easily find your place. Whether it’s bossing, PQing, or grinding, you can enjoy it all again here as you did years ago! MapleRoyals has been continuously running for 3 years and counting with around 1000 players at any given time!

FluffyMS - v180

Always up to date! Awesome community~ Professional, yet a welcoming environment for you. Rates: Exp 30x / Meso 9x / Drop 3x. Daily Automated events like Russian Roulette, Jump quests, Field of Judgement, Boss Battles. We have custom PQs (AlienPQ, BPQ, BossHunts). Addicting Gachapon, One click cubing, Permanent Rare NX with Premium Style boxes, Challenging yet satisfying. Always up to date stylist with the latest hairs and faces for your character! Awakening system at level 255 with custom skill choosing and perks.

MapleSaga [v62 8x EXP] [Mac Compatible Forever]

MapleSaga - Nostalgic MapleStory Private Server [Mac Compatible] [Rebalanced Skills] [Chaos Zakum] [Pink Bean] [Ninja Castle] [New Chairs, NX and Equips] [Monster Carnival] [Custom Party Quests] [Guild Wars] [Daily Events] [Jump Quest Races] [Omok Tournaments] [Working Marriages] [Servidor Privado de MapleStory] [Taiwanese Translation] [Tenemos Guild Latino]

MapleLegends [v62] [MAC] Old School MapleStory

Remember creating your first account? Remember rolling the dice over and over until you\'ve got good stats? Remember the tutorial map with the apple uniform? Remember taking hours to level? The times where every pot and meso is valuable? Sitting on a chair to recover HP? MapleLegends is an Old School MapleStory server that brings that and everything back you remember from old MapleStory. You can keep think about the old times, but you can also re-experience it... Join now!

LunarStory - Midnight Release - JAN1

[ v83 - Rates: 4x EXP, 2x Meso, 1x Drop, 6x Quest ] [ Ulu City & Ninja Castle ] [ GMS-Like Job Advancements & Questing ] [ Working Aran & Cygnus Job Advancement Quests ] [ Revamped Dojo ] [ Custom iTCG ] [ DPS Ranking ] [ Custom Hair/Face & Items ] [ Custom Guild System] [ Mob Points System ] [ Housing System ] [ Enchanted Scroll System ] [ Working Party Quests (including CPQ) ] [ Working Mushroom Castle ] [ Beginner Bonus ] [ Working Boss Fights ] [ Working Merchants ] [ Working EXP/DROP Cards ] [ NX Card Drops ] [ Fishing System ] [ Gambling ] [ Transmogrification ] [ Crafting System ] [ Wor

MapleDestiny v83 Nostalgic [16x4x4x]

Our server is often imitated, for good reason! We strive to offer nostalgic gameplay with our own modern twist. [Professional Staff] [Competitive rates] [Late-game exp curve] [GMS-like bossing and PQs] [Buffed PQ prizes and exp] [Nostalgic training spots buffed] [The first and original transmog system] [Player hosted events] [No pay-to-win] [No tolerance for vote abuse] [GuildHQ and alliances] [Updated hair, eyes, and cash shop] [Active development] Online since 2012~ New world 02/01/16~ Join us today!

AlchemySEA [1,60,1]

Maplesea Accelerate (1.60.1) Rates:[30/15/8] [Launched SINCE 2011, we are the Pioneer MSEA Server] [LEVEL 250] [Boss PQ, Dimension Invade!] Competitive rates [Xenon, Luminous, Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Zero] [Adventurer, Dual blade, Evan, Aran, Legend Professions, Cygnus Empress, AND MORE!!] impressive features, daily events organised! Great and friendly staff. We deliver only the best! Every mob drop @cash! Join us now!


[v83 - 1500x/500x/2x]Christmas event! Check out our forum for more info. Divergent Update[10/25/16]: [Over 27,000 Equip ITEMS] [Sandbox] [GMS-Like Engagements & Weddings] [Spoon-Fed Rewards] [Minigame System] [WORKING PQS] [Spawner Style Training] [Evolution Lab] [Casino] [Item Auctions] [AUTOEVENTS] [Upgradeable EXP/MESO/DROP Rates] [*FREE* Daily Rewards/Games] [Evolution Lab] [Monster Park] [Active Forum] [Professional Staff] [Frequent Events] JOIN US NOW

MapleHarbor v83 [BETA] - [2x VP] - [Christmas Holiday Events] - [Hiring Staff]

[v171+ KMS, GMS, TMS, JMS, BMS] [1500x Exp 500x Meso 2x Drop] [New Hairs/Faces/Items/Chairs] [Sandbox Mode] [Unique JQ System] [Fishing] [Minigames] [Gachapon] [Unique Events] [Friendly Community] [Easy Rebirth] [Unique Rankings System] [WPM Minigames] [Mock GM] [Houses] [Slender Tag Maps] [Active GMs] COMING SOON: [Mining] [Guild PQ] [Casino Gambling] [Boss PQs] [Revamp Dojo]

IntrinsicMS, The Story within [GMS v176] [Low Rate][Quest Oriented]

IntrinsicMS is a server that is highly customized and aims to create a fresh and new experience in the post-bb environment. We guarantee that you will never experience anything like this on any other server. [Pre-bb PQs][Kinesis/Blaster/Class revamps][Skill Changes][Cubing Npc][Custom PQs][2.1b cap][KMS/JMS/GMS Chairs][Non-GMS Maps Yuyuan/Shaolin/Floating Market/Coke Town/Kabuki/Formosa][200 Damage Skins][NX from Monsters][Level cap 400]

ArcticMS v83 [W10 Compatible] [v177 Content] [700x Base EXP] [5x Meso] [3x Drop]

[Dynamic Rates] [Challenging Rebirths] [5000+ IOCs] [7+ Unique Occupations] [New Mobs/Maps] [Tetris Gachapon] [Boss Arena PQ] [Revamped HP/MP] [Rebalanced Classes] [No Pay2Win] [No Spoonfeeding] [Plentiful Styles] [Competent Staff] [Lovely Community][Constantly Updated] [PIZZA] Do you miss when private servers were fresh, innovative, and entertaining? Tired of spamming two keys in the FM to rebirth? Bored of agonizingly low, grindy rates, but still seek a challenge? Or perhaps you just want to sit around and henehoe until an event? Choose the way you want to play.

MapleSilver v83[Ulu & Ninja Castle Released]

[MapleSilver 25x/3x/2x v.83] [W8/W10 Compatible now!] [Higher HP Gain but will still need to HP Wash for bosses] [GMS-Like Explorer Job Advancement] [GMS 174 Items/Hair/Face] [Chimney removed] [Custom PQ Rewards] [BossPQ] [Maple Weapons up to level 77] [Level curve starts at 150!] [Party Play Map at ToT! An alternative to skeles] [Ulu/Ninja castle now available][Come and join the fun!] [Always open to suggestions!]

LegoMS v62 Exp 11x Mesos 3x Drop 3x I MAC AND WINDOWS COMPATIBLE

Do you miss the old times maple with bunch of group of mates battling against boss? You can find them here in LegoMS with our friendly community! Everything is based on v62! [EVENT TROPHY TILL 22 JANUARY 2017] Friendly Community l Regular GM Events l Randomizer Equip Stats NPC l NX Cards from Mobs l Boss Party Quests l Working Hired Merchant I JQPoints JQRewards MAC AND WINDOWS COMPATIBLE Let us know what is lack of and we will implement it if it\'s necessary! Your suggestion is important to LegoMS!

SmexyStory v83 - 200x 5x 2x

Live since 2016-12-25 - [Rebirths] [Custom commands] [Player moderators] [Maxed skills] [Unlocks system (unlock features with rebirth points)] [No pay-to-win] [Travel NPC] [Earn chairs] [Lots of updates] [Stable server] [All-in-one shop] [Vote for NX] [Hired merchants] [Beginner EXP boost 2x (Cygnus) / 3x (Explorer & Aran)] - New ideas are always welcome! Be an active community member and you might be asked to be a player moderator or event hoster.

MapleNova v62 - 8x 4x 2x - FRESH WIPE - ULU CITY - LHC - MALAYSIA

• 8x/4x/2x • THE EVOLUTION HAS JUST BEGUN! • FRESHLY WIPED 12-19-16! • NEW WEBSITE! • MAC FRIENDLY • ULU CITY • LHC • MALAYSIA • Up-to-date Custom Items and Styles • GM Events • Style Save • Holiday Events! • Marriages • Weekly Lottery • Friendly, professional staff • Hired Merchant Shops • NX From Mobs, Voting, VP • Random Trivia • Trivia Shop • Forum Events • Maple Leaf System • Increased EXP Holiday + Holiday Weekends • NO PAY TO WIN • MUCH MORE! • Your journey awaits!

MapleKey - v83 - A MapleStory Private Server

»v0.83« »High Rate« »1000 EXP | 750 Mesos | 3 Drop« »Skill Maxer« »Item of Choice« »Vote for Rewards « »JQ System« »MSI System« »Boss Summoners« »1000 Rebirths for GM Job« »Peridot Currency« »Laid back Gameplay« »No Pay to Win« »Many Styles« »Games Within a Game« »Occupation Perks« Join our community today!

AstralMS v146 [Awakenings] [Now Released]

Version 146.1 Awakening based server. [ 30x | 3x | 1x ] New Party Quests||All Bosses ||Awakening currency with awesome gameplay & fun. Looking for a stable Easy & Fun High version server? Join AstralMS v146! We offer you the perfect gameplay involving Party & Solo content and more fun!.

MapleSnail [V62] [Dynamic exp rate] [Gms like with our twist] [Christmas event]

[Dynamic exp compare to your level][ULU CITY][Krexal][ToT][MAC client][50% scrolls , VIP items , MapleSnail special ring +10 all stats][Custom Boss PQ][GM Events][Friendly staff 24/7 support][Hired merchant works][Maple Leaf System][Wish tickets system from bosses + mobs][Real boss drop rate 10-20 items per boss kill][Cash items for unlimited time][Instant travel around the maple world][Gms like 1st/2nd/3rd/4th JOBS][You\'ll get all your skills at 4th job instead of 1 skill book][99% quests works][Custom quests for scg,fs,c.ilbi,fury,milter gloves,earrings]

AlolaMS - V179

Always up to date with GMS, V179.2! Custom content, equips, fifth job, lucid, all quests fully working! Join us on discord to find out the latest updates!

[V83] PARTNERSTORY - 'PARTNERSHIP IS THE KEY' [Official Opening on December 10th]

[Official Opening on December 10th] PartnerStory is a low rate server that has a v83 GMS-like core system with highly unique gameplay and features. One of many custom features we have is we added brand new party quests and boss fights. The server is built to be competetive and challenging, thus, greatly encouraging teamwork and cooperation. As well as enjoying playing with other players. we\'d like you to partner with us as well where ultimately. [VOTE FOR EXTRA 1EXP] [PARTY BOOST EXP]

MapleAeon [v83] - Hunger Games

[v83 - 1000x EXP 250x MESO 2x DROP] [Flame System] [Celebrity System] [Sandbox] [Hunger Games] [Auto-Currency System] [Custom Training Maps] [Occupations\' Bonus] [Tons of Commands] [GM/Donor Events] [Automated Events] [Fishing System] [Dojo] [Infinite Buffs&FJs;] [Guild Rankings] [NX Goodies] [Player-Tag] [Beginner\'s Bootcamp] [Arcade System] [PvP] [All-in-One Shop] [100% Working Rings] [Multiple MSI Systems] [24/7] [Boss PQ] - Come Join us today!


Welcome to MapleMelodies, an experience with a bit of old and a bit of new! Enjoy challenging 1/1/1 rates with revamped experience table! Journey as one of the four original job classes! Imported and custom items are available! A new FM every few months with a catchy tune every time. Become part of a growing friendly community! It\'s a new adventure that hopes to bring everyone the same good old MapleStory feeling.

IntransigentMS [Permadeath v62]

IntransigentMS -- [Permadeath] [Completely rebalanced skills and items] [Revamped, variable-rate experience system] [12(level / 10)x base exp] [8x meso] [4x drop] [Custom quest chains] [Custom classes] [Custom PQ] [Custom crafting] [250 level cap] [Dedicated server] [Damage tweaks] [Custom boss rush] [Custom gachapon] [Daily rewards] [All faces and hairstyles from v170] [Unlimited NX and chairs for pay-what-you-want donators] [Custom commands] [Custom back-ported equips] [KPQ] [Zakum PQ] [Horntail] [Autoregister]

EdolasMS v179

[Currently in DEV] [1/1/2017] v179 is currently in Dev, but we\'ll have a v83 open in the mean time. Some items and ingame rewards will be given for playing v83 in the v179. [Looking for Staff] [v83 Rates: 12x EXP| 4x Mesos| 2x Drop]

GanjaMaple [Mac Client] V62 [New] 16x6x4

A long time do you not feel nostalgic game, it\'s the time to go back to time, and enjoy from the new game server, it\'s time for the Time Machine , Join Today GanjaMaple [v62] [Mac Client Compatible And Windows] (PVP,Hairs,Face,Eyes, NX, Maps) [24/7 Server Online] Custom content. Critical Attack RussianRoullet Rings Effect Wedding Omok Match Cards [Monster Carnival PQ] Guild War , [All pqs Work], [Work Quests] Merchant Shops Custom Jail System + Map Jesters & MORE Mini Dungeon BOSSPQ TWO SYSTEM TWO DIFFERENT RANKINGS - BALANCED -ENDLESS [Nostalgic Server]


[Christmas Event!!!] [v83] [x4 Experience] [GMS-Like] [Job Advance Quests] [Skill Quests] [Mount Quests] [Gachapon] [Transportations] [HenesysPQ, KerningPQ, LudiPQ, ZakumPQ, KentaPQ, EllinPQ, ElnathPQ, PiratePQ, LudiMazePQ] [Merchants] [Omok & Matchcards] [Custom Login] [Win8/10 Compatible] [Functional Books] [Rings] [Tobi] [Tradable & Sellable NX] [Many More Upcoming Updates]

[v01] MapleGlobal - 1x 1x 1x - CBT Tespia

MapleGlobal is a perfect rendition of the old MapleGlobal from 2005. We are a progressive server which means we patch every once in a while to the next versions. Our goal is to bring back the old MapleStory we all loved. Join us and explore the Maple World, beware of the Dungeon - the most dangerous place in the Maple World!


[ v83 - Rates: 4x EXP, 2x Meso, 1x Drop, 6x Quest ] [ Ulu City & Ninja Castle ] [ GMS-Like Job Advancements & Questing ] [ Working Aran & Cygnus Job Advancement Quests ] [ Revamped Dojo ] [ Custom iTCG ] [ DPS Ranking ] [ Custom Hair/Face & Items ] [ Custom Guild System] [ Mob Points System ] [ Housing System ] [ Enchanted Scroll System ] [ Working Party Quests (including CPQ) ] [ Working Mushroom Castle ] [ Beginner Bonus ] [ Working Boss Fights ] [ Working Merchants ] [ Working EXP/DROP Cards ] [ NX Card Drops ] [ Fishing System ] [ Gambling ] [ Transmogrification ] [ Crafting System ] [ Wor

StubbornMs v83 Beta

Are you looking for a stubborn server just like the previous us? Here we are StubbornMS v83 REVAMPED! THERE WILL BE A WIPE AFTER BETA ENDS! DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON! Bored of just farming at the same maps with 1HKO? This is the server for you! We have buffed channel 2, which all the monsters have become Super Saiyan Mode. We have custom enhancement for weapons, tetris system for player stats, party bonus exp and more! Our rates are 15/5/5 EXP/DROP/MESOS. In channel 2, all the rates have been increased by 200%! We are currently in beta. Join us now!

SolumSEA - 20x 20x 5x - MapleSEA Private Server

MapleSEA v1.62.3 V:: SolumSEA is always up-to-date with the latest patches in MapleSEA. We strive not to just bring you the latest version of MapleSEA, but also the latest contents which the it has to offer. Working revamped Battle Mage, Mechanic and Wild Hunter. All working PQ, classes and bosses! Custom drops from monsters and bosses! Custom Boss PQ! Unique Guild PQ loots! Monster Park! Daily events! Latest and coolest chairs and cash items! Working wedding and ring effects!

True MapleStory

True MapleStory é um de servidor MapleStory Brasileiro, com as seguintes taxas: 4X EXP / 4X DROP / 2x MESO. Cupom NX (100 e 250) dropáveis em bosses; Items, mapas, mobs, bosses, faces e cabelos da versão 162 implementada na v83; Missões funcionais: HPQ, KPQ, LPQ, LMPQ, GPQ, PPQ, APQ (Amoria), APQ (Ariant), Dojo, BalrogPQ, NatalPQ, Invasão e Pirâmide Nett; Tudo isso e muito mais! Venham para o TrueMS!

MapleFables v83 [3x 2x 1x] Launching 27th January

MapleFables is a v83 server with 3/2/1 rates. We were established in January 2017. Our server is strict on most functions and features to stick to GMS-like gameplay but, we also have a few twists in there to engage players and balance features. The doors will open at 7PM GMT 27th January.

MapleEvolution [V83] [5x-7xEXP] [2x HP on LVL] [Every-Week Updates and Balances] [OPEN BETA]

You ever felt like Maple was missing something? Maple Evolution has the premise to have every week updates and changes to balance the gameplay and give you new ways of playing Maple Story.Tired of HP washing? 2X HP on LVL! Currently BETA // Rates Exp: 5x (with voting 7x)/ Meso: 3x /Drop: 1x /QuestExp: 15x // Bosses Working (PB almost released) // Accepting new itens/cash/etc suggestions from new versions // Nostalgic with that little improvement

Project62, A Nostalgic MapleStory Server, Open Beta, Jan 24th

Project62 is a MapleStory Private Server, based on version 0.62, which guarantees to provide the most nostalgic atmosphere MapleStory servers has to offer. All skills work, all party quests work, all quests work, all job advancements work. Everything is just as it was back then, when we were all just kids.


Always up to date with the official servers. Low rates, Buffed maps and many party play zones! Come socialize in the FM or have fun playing in Party Play zones or party quests with people! We offer you the latest and greatest features of the official Maplestory, with a lot of custom features. If you\'d like to find out more then please check out our website and the forums! Tired of Solo playing? Come to LucidMaple!

NutellaStory Coming Soon Website is up

NutellaStory is going to be a v83 server, with rates of x100 exp, x10 mesos and x3 Drops, (With Rebirths) Hopefully we\'ll bring a new experience to v83 Servers, We\'ll open a discord server very soon :)


Rates Oficiales::: 4exp 4meso 2drop ::: Servidor con Rates y Ranking Competitivo Jugadores - GMS Bosses - PartyQuest - PackInicio - JOBS - CYGNUS- ARAN-EXPLORERS - Guilds and alliances -BUFFS- NxCash Gratis -- Tienda Cash shop - Tiendas y Comercio- Mapas de Entrenamiento-- Creador de Items - Unete y diviertete! MAPLE OLDSCHOOL!



WinterStory [Coming SOON] - V62 [3X EXP 2X MESO 1X DROP] - Nostalgic MapleStory Server

WinterStory - V62 - Nostalgia is in the air, 3x EXP, 2x Meso, 1x Drop [Map, Hair, Chairs, Scrolls. NX Items and more Equips from V170+] [Monster Carnival] [Custom Party Quests] [Fishing System] [Bonus Exp Party] [Daily Events] [Custom Gachapon] [Auto Events] [Working Marriages] [Skill Rebalance] [•] Enjoy Our Discord Channel: [•]

OriginalMS [83] - Classic Maplestory

Join OriginalMS and re-live your classic maplestory experience. We offer all of the old PQ\'s, minigames, Cash shop, Maple Trade System, merchants, original maker system and more. We are not pay-to-win nor beg for money. We provide additional custom features and events without forcing you to download large files after every update like the other servers. Join now and feel the smooth Original maplestory gameplay experience.


An upcoming High Rate v146 Server.

Skypia Online

Starting open beta soon!

Vertisy V83 - Coming Soon™

A challenging MapleStory private server with balanced rates of 3x Exp, 1x Drop, 1x Meso, and 3x Quest. Bringing you features from newer versions of MapleStory in an nostalgic environment. Some of our unique features are Day/Night cycle, Twitch TV integration, and a modified Arcane Force & 5th job system. Join us today and start your journey into an experience like never before!

Ellinia [GMS v162] MapleStory Private Server

The ultimate MapleStory private server. Challenging, yet balanced rates. Custom content [Buffed maps, custom bosses, level 255, class balance, Ayame class and much more]. All classes available.


Non pay to win server, recently create on 22/12/2016 Rates are 4x exp 2x drop 1x boss lots of new custom hair and added features Anti Wipe and Anti DDOS Features New custom Hack Detection/Autoban features Come join the hype now


New maplestory v83 Lowrate private server coming out soon to bring you the Old-Maplestory with a bit of a twist try us out Hiring a GFXer if you know how please visit and look for a GM!!!!

MapleGaga v83 25x 10x 4x Mid Rate [HIRING STAFF]

GMS v171 KMS v171 Items & Hair / Net Cafe Gachapon / Level Reward / 250 Levels / Custom Level 200-250 Gameplay / PvP / Team Battle / Hired Merchant / Daily Reward / Daily Events / NX Card Drops / Job Advancer / Kerning Giveaway / Custom Scrolling / Town Warper NPC / Voting Rewards / Custom NPC / All-in-one NPC / Dojo / BossPQ / HPQ / KPQ / LPQ / LMPQ / KPQ / GPQ / PPQ / Custom Quest & PQ / Custom Rewards / Maple Leaf System and many more! GM APPLICATION NOW OPEN !!