Luna Online Private Game Servers

Luna Online Private servers, Luna Online Private Game Servers

  • IN: 606 1 OUT: 160

    Arch Luna Plus

    Arch Luna Online is a Luna Plus private server, designed to give players a wider content and slightly different game play for all types of players to enjoy! Join our growing community!

  • IN: 78 2 OUT: 75

    Decade Luna Plus

    Decade Luna Plus is a Luna Plus Private Server with original Quest system, new pets, new items, new customes, we have largest community around the world, join us now and play for free

  • IN: 12 3 OUT: 82

    Official Luna Plus

    A server with the original Luna Plus idea, we are trying to give our players a true Luna Plus experience, also includes the 145lvl job changes, max level 200, 75 perm costume sets, game language english, free to play always, no donation shop for real money, NO pay to win,

  • IN: 1 4 OUT: 114

    Luna IX Plus

    Rates: EXP 8999x|Drop 50x|Gold 100x|Party 9999x Info: Opened July 7th, 2014 - All maps and dungeon areas working - Automatic Class Changing NPC - Guild and Family Systems Working - Crafting, Reinforcing, and Enchanting Systems Working - Active GM\\\'s with Various Events - Rebirth System in the Works

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