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Server Features Rates: RateXp = 100 RateSp = 100 RateDropAdena = 50 RateDropItems = 10 RateDropSpoil = 10 RateQuestsReward = 1 RateQuestsDrop = 5 RateRaidBoss = 5 Main: Chronicle Server: Interlude - classic. Occupation is taken automatically. Buffer with all the necessary buffs 1 Aden. All players added skill Signal - a block buff. All new players start at the top NG. Start Level 20 Initial capital 150k Endless soulshots and arrows. Features x100 server Multimammon + exchanger placed at the NPC Pushkin in Giran smithy Game shop for Adena to A grade. Work Offline trade 40 level. Trade Zone - Giran Harbor fatigue party .cfg .acp .offline .menu .whoiam .goldbar Rollback MP cans 15 seconds, restore MP 500 per click. Noblesse Removed the quest on subclass passage, taken in 1 click. Reagents on noblesse in GM Shop. Respawn Noblesse RB 10 + - 2 hours. Clans Clans are just 5 lvl. Offline guards and royals Capacity based Clan 180 To purchase a clan hall need lvl Clan 6 and up. Included siege only 4 castles Aden Giran Goddard ? Rune. Siege of each week, on Saturdays and Sundays. Other Respawn Epic Bosses can be tracked through NPC Naia Olympiad: heroism given 1 of each month. Max enchant on all items: +20 Save enchant on all: +3, whole armor +4 Argumentation - according to the official servers.

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