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Foro Mundo L2

Foro de Lineage 2, aclara tus dudas, todo lo que debes saber acerca del Juego Lineage 2. En español.

High Five

L2 Aliados PvP Server

Rates: 1000x / Blessed: 85% / Max: +40 / Many Automatic Events / PvP All Time / Custom Npcs / Custom Areas Farm / A Potion /


Interlude custom PvP

[CF][L2J]Pride Evolution

Promo Video Server Features Client : Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9000x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 1000x. Drop: 1x. Enchant Rates Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet Wondrous Cubic Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Items PvP Tokens Cloaks Talismans Belts Bracelets Armours & Weapons: Masterwork S Grade Dynasty Master Dynasty Titanium Legacy Titanium Dre


On 06.02.2016 at 19:00 GMT+2 L2 Hybrid will a Opens second Rate: x1000 PVP Server! Join us with your friend!

Comuniada Lastlegion

Hi5 Server x10 custom item, skill goddess. max lvl 101, new areas and much more .... Buffer 2 hours, etc ....and Interlude x7 retail...

Elite Server Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x

Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x Crafther Grade S Drops em Hot Springs



Server l2Warglad 50x Interlude Venha Fazer Parte do nosso mundo l2 Open dia 05/08/2017 as 14:00 hrs venha e traga seu clan !!


RATES Experience - x30 Skill points - x30 Adena - x15 Drop - x10 Spoil x7 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled (except bosses) Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson (Located in every Town) Olympiad, Sieges, Territory Wars will be set to follow original gameplay Offline Store can launched via command .offlineshop (there are no specific regions) Auto potions enabled for elixirs, all known HP potions - Waiting on Community confirmation There are no Mana potions, you can use \"Toggle Mana regen\" 130MP/sec - Waiting on Community confir

L2 Symploner PvP Server Reinalgurando Hoje

Servidor novinho, reinalgurando pvp 1000x bless 85% att 80% farm easy totalmente gratuito itens conseguidos in game, não temos itens custons. Somente Cloak Boss.. 3 Areas PvP 2 Farms Zonas especiais criadas por min.. é varias aventuras!

L2 PVPBrasil 500x e L2 Show Games 1000x

Interlude PVP BRASIL Reinauguração 15-07 20 SERVIDOR 2 SHOW GAMES SERVIDOR 1 Evento TVT CTF Bless 100% PVP 24 H Eventos No Lag Staff ATIVA Hero Evento

Taey - Lineage 2 Private Servers

Homely and stable private servers of the best MMORPG Lineage 2. Our projects live from 2011 year without any wipe!

Hellbound Interlude

L2Paraflare H5 X5000

Rates x5000 Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels GM Shop full, everything for adena Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Reward, Skins, Mass PvP! Enchants Chance 100% Safe/Max +16 One click maxed enchant Element Chance 100% Safe/Max – 300/120 One click maxed element Scheme Buffer All buffs available (except Kamael and Class Specific) Enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 4 hours duration 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances Cancel returns buffs Overbuff protection Potions Automatic use (HP/MP/CP) Mana Potions 1000 MP / 10s Subclass Subclasses unlimited Hero and Certification skills on subclass too Ol

JustLineage Free Lineage Server

We are not a pay to win server. We are here to bring the people of Lineage 1 an alternative to the current situation in Lineage 1. Come and join our growing community.

l2 god

Servidor mid grade 100x custom


High Five low rate PTS

H5 x3 low-rate server. PTS files, Grand Opening: 23th February 2018. Bitcoin event!


Server info Ratexp=2000 Ratesp=2000 Rateparty=2 Ratepartysp=2 Ratedropadena=2000 RateC RateDropItems=2 Ratedropsealst RatedropSpoil=5 RateDropM Encants Safe +5 Safe +20 Normal Scroll 60:% Chance Blessed Scroll 85% Chamce Crystal Scroll 100% Chance Blessed Max 20. Cristal +26 CUSTOM PVP EASY FARM NO BUG SPECIAL RAID BOSS

Lineage II Leader

RATES: EXP: 70x SP:70x ADENA: 140x DROP: 1x SPOIL: 5x ENCHANT INFO: Safe: +3 Maximo: +16 Weapon Maximo: +10 Armor / Jewels Enchant normal: 30% Blessed enchant: 50% Crystal enchant: 100%

Lineage 2

Website where you can find various files for your Lineage 2 Private Server


Custom Infinite Odyssey PvP server based on Gracia style with updates on everything from event system to economy.

L2 Dimension

Hello! We are happy, that your reading this. We have some exciting news for you. Our team offers you a new and amazing project, which includes several interesting worlds, some are known and some are unexplored. The main feature of what we offer - a system of \\\"transition\\\", which will allow you to make a long-held dream of players Lineage II - to find a future in this exciting game. Fascinating worlds and non-standard ideas will allow you to take a fresh look at familiar foundations of the game, which you know so well. Interested? Then come in, maybe it\\\'s exactly what you\\\'re lookin

High Five Interlude


Low-rate (x3), no-donate server, official multi-language platform (both the client and the server), live online, anti-bot protection (SmartGuard)

High Five

L2Eola Interlude Real Money rewards for Castles and Clan Invites

Lineage 2 Eola Most Completed Interlude Server! Based on retail interlude game play and balance! Huge Promotional Budget! Clan Invites with real money! Siege Castles Every day with Price Pull! Over 2000 Online Players on Grand Opening! Join our forum for more information!

L2 Valakas EU x25


High Five


Looking for a stable High Five server where you can play without a fear of wipe of closing? Then we highly advise you to finish your wanderings and settle on the Shilen x5 Server. We rise against wipes and closings of any kind. The server has 100% official files to give our players a comfortable gameplay with no issues. Our donation shop does not offer any kind of \"pay yo win\" potential. Player that will try to corrupt any of our GM\'s will have a permanent IP ban. Our server provides complete support, interesting updates, and conitnuos advertising. Server is protected by smartguard.

L2Death - Interlude x100 000

The process of the game: 4 types of armor 4 types of weapons Also, \"Weapons of the Gods\" - a weapon stronger than the 4th lvla Also \"Helmet of the Gods\" - helmet stronger than 4th lala 4 levels of unique helmets 4 levels of unique wings 2 levels of unique jewelry. Maximum grinding +80, Safe +20. The chance of sharpening is 94%, if the failure is reset to +20. Automatic events (TvT, LastHero). Class balance. There is a drop from the PC, in some areas there is an Anti-PC. A variety of server currency. Sieges of castles every 7 days. There are bags of luck on the server.


[HSR] Herederos Sin Reinos

Servidor High Five traducido en castellano. Únete a nuestra gran comunidad y sumérgete en la gran aventura del Lineage II. Rate XP = x10 - Rate SP = x10 - Rate Drop = x10 - Rate Spoil = x10 Rate Party = x20 - Rate Quest = x20

L2DeathWhisper PVP

| [Interlude PVP] | Automatic Events | Massive PVP | Antibot | Custom Npcs | Custom Functions | Custom Class Balancer PVP/PVE/Olympiad | Since 2009 | Stable Project | OPENING TODAY |


L2German - Deutscher Lineage II-Freeshard

Ältestes deutsches L2-Projekt. Seit mittlerweile 5 Jahren ist unser Sunrise(4x) bereits wipefrei online. Unser Evion(25x) mit PvE-Fokus und unser BALD wieder startender Silverrain(High) mit PvP-Fokus profitieren ebenfalls von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung. Freundliche Community, stabile lagfreie Server, Freya(CT2.4), BALD Hi5.

[L2 Kaia] new Custom server [x100]

Grand Opening of Valkyrie will be on 17 March at 19:00 (GMT +1). Our website -



100 xp 100 sp 100 Adena Scrol 50% Bles 80% Safe +3 Maxi +16 Evento TvT Com Premiação especial, Classes Balanceadas Venha Conhecer Nosso Mundo, Abertura Oficial 05.05.2017, Estamos Na Versão Interlude - THE BEST SERVERS L2OFF 100%

The BEST PVP x50. New x20 PRO server opened 06 Nov 2011. Classic X10. 3000+ online. NOT JAVA. All features are working 100%


1)Many people with different countries! 2)Best clans, const-parties and alliances! 3)PvP fighting 24/7 and hot olympiad wait for you ! 4)Quality technical support 24/7! 5)6 Months without wipes. ! 6)Stable work of all servers! 7)High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!

High Five

L2Ashenvale H5 Mass PvP

Mass PvP Server Hidden Open 27-11-15

Lineage 2 Disaster

Go to to see all features



*Server Rate* XP:5000 SP:5000 ADENA:5000 PARTY XP:5000 PARTY SP:5000 PARTY ADENA:5000 *Enhant Rate* Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll: 85% Blessed Scroll:90% Crystall Scroll:100% Augement Rate:20 *Raid Boss* Drop:crystall wep s Drop: crystall armor s Drop:book

Dark Dragon Lineage II High Five

Lineage II High Five server

High Five fun

L2 Imperial Interlude

75x - Safe Min.+4 Max.+12. Aio Free 10 members online. Bonus Status Castle Crown. 14 Automatic Random Events!


Lineage 2 Legends

Rates x75 Enchant Max +20 Safe +12 \"HELIOS\" 15/01/2017

Goddess of Destruction

L2Hermanos Gracia Final

Novo L2Hermanos Gracia Final 300x! PvP Server! Buff 2h, Eventos, Farm Zones, Olympiads, Servidor similar ao retail. Venha conferir!



[PVP High Five] Rates 250x 250x 250x / Automatic Events / AntiBot / Custom Npcs / Custom Farm Areas / Custom Level Areas / Constant Updates / Launch Date 05-18

L2vBONUS - L2VERONA - Interlude x10

Welcome,on a new project of classic servers on the PTS platform - Interlude x10. The best and high-quality game is waiting for you.We try to make a server so that you can play on it for years, without cleaning and erasing (NO WIPE)


Witness the new l2! Hybrid server with instances and a new level cap! Newer seen features! New interface from higher chronicles! Enjoy the game with and without your friends.


Server Rates     EXP/SP/Adena : x300/x300/x100     Min. Enchant : +3     Max. Enchant : +25 for Weapons, +8 for armor / jewels.     Normal and Blessed enchant scrolls share the same enchant rate - decreases with each enchant. Important Information     Chaotic zones around Epics and several Raid Bosses     Chaotic zone around farm zone with boosted drops     Special raid boss summoner     S grade SA exchanger     Apella armor and other stuff will be obtainable via Event Medals     Majority of the skills are reworked for increased balance Adition

L2KO Interlude

L2KO Interlude no custom pvp server open 15-3-2018 i hope you join. have fun!



For information Go Check Site ..... Event siege aden reward 100$$$


Stargaming The project was created in 2014, and continues to exist. We have over the years succeeded in developing an emulator, and were able to realize the game is not a trivial concept, which we hope that you will love. Official opening of the Star x555 server is scheduled for March 4, 2016 at 20:00 MSK!

L2Spartacus pvp


Beyond World x3

Our site: Hello stranger! Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time? Beyond World launched it\'s first Lineage II server in 2006. It\'s one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania. We had many seasons; many of them were the best years for our players. We had fun, so we\'re back again, for the best season of them all. Beyond World is aiming to become famous, not just in Lithuania, but across world. We\'re going international! Classic High Five server We made this server for comfortable game. Solo Players, CPs, Cla


Interlude PvP Server With Unique Features L2 Narcos Staff Challenge you to join our newest interlude pvp server !