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LA2DREAM?COM INTERNATIONAL LINEAGE 2 C6 CRAFT-PvP x50 - There you can see all information about unique world of lineage 2 Interlude x50
- RateXp = 1000. - RatePartyXp = 1.5 - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +4 (on all) - Max Enchant: +25 - Normal Scrolls: +20 80% - Blessed Scrolls: +20 100% - Crystal Scrolls: +25 100%
KetraWars Interlude 20x HARDCORE
International server. Interlude 20x. The best server in the world! Go SUDA!
L2-Rage - Interlude Euro-PTS x50
11 reasons to play on High-quality compilation (Euro-PTS, not Java). International project global scale. Server without donate, which affects to game balance. Unique protection. Always high online. Optimised game client - without critical errors and delays. Only best server hardware. Truly classic, beloved by all. We present to You a gifts. We answer on all Your questions. We value Your opinions!
Interlude Craft-PvP PTS x50
Interlude-Classic - x33 - JOIN
Chronicles of the server: Interlude l Opening 13.07.2018
Interlude x33 Craft-PvP

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L2PAIN Interlude x600 [PTS] for Europe
Starting character with ready 85 lvl and Free Noblesse, Free SubClasses and Sub Skills. Free Full Epic Set +12 (Jew), Free Olf\'s T-Shirt +9, Free Cloaks, Belts +12, Rare equip, etc. Free Insert {PvP}, Life Stones, Talismans. Free Enchant Items +16 (Fast With One Click), Free Enchant Skills +30 (Fast With One lick)
Lineage II Arcana
Lineage II Interlude Free Server
Lineage 2 Disaster
Go to to see all features
Elite Server Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x
Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x Crafther Grade S Drops em Hot Springs
L2 Imperial Interlude
75x - Safe Min.+4 Max.+12. Aio Free 10 members online. Bonus Status Castle Crown. 14 Automatic Random Events!
L2MAD [CUSTOM] Interlude PvP x100000 - JUST TRY
Custom PvP Interlude x100000, Real Online 1500+ | Best Anti Bot Protection | Just Try, Join Now!
l2 god
Servidor mid grade 100x custom
start DATE: 23 December PTS x20! All the people appear to be naturally finds. person appear with top NG EPI. Bremen accessory. In the Inventor SDK is for beginners, containing: the subject to realise Bremen access to choice (1 day) Soldati or spiritshotsweet BA (easy gait + hast or give) Switch to Offline Trade. More info:
L2Death - Interlude x100 000
The process of the game: 4 types of armor 4 types of weapons Also, \"Weapons of the Gods\" - a weapon stronger than the 4th lvla Also \"Helmet of the Gods\" - helmet stronger than 4th lala 4 levels of unique helmets 4 levels of unique wings 2 levels of unique jewelry. Maximum grinding +80, Safe +20. The chance of sharpening is 94%, if the failure is reset to +20. Automatic events (TvT, LastHero). Class balance. There is a drop from the PC, in some areas there is an Anti-PC. A variety of server currency. Sieges of castles every 7 days. There are bags of luck on the server.
Interlude - Private Game Server
The server is based on the Interlude (c6) Moderate Donate, all things are accessible by game way. Full protection against bots and other cheat programs. Protection against DDOS attacks. Administration does not interfere with the game process. Reits: Xp 5000 \\ Sp 5000 \\ Adena 5000 \\ Quest 1 \\ Boss 1. Beginning of the game: All new game characters appear in Giran with 20 lvl\'om? in the top D veshah. Having opened the inventory, you will notice that you have pocket expenses of 50k. After speaking with NPC Katrina you will receive adena and premium for 12 hours You also receive
Interlude PvP
L2KO Interlude
L2KO Interlude no custom pvp server open 15-3-2018 i hope you join. have fun!
L2 Vikings Mid PvP
Grand Opening 17-3-2018 ~18:00 GMT +2 [Webiste]: Lineage II Vikings [Forum]: L2 Vikings- Index page [Facebook]: L2 Vikings - Facebook L2 Vikings Mid PvP rates no custom pvp server opens for you on 17 March / 2018. We are waiting for you all. For more information visit features section. Join us and be best of the best P.s Account creation is automatic just enter in game login and password and your account will be created immediately. See you in game !   RATES » Exp x1000. » SP x1000. » Adena x1000. » Party Exp x2. » Party Sp x2. » Karma drop items x20. ENCHANT RATES » Safe Encha
L2 Mythical March 23 20 00
Hello players, Today is The Day, we finnaly finished eddinting key things in server development! Finnaly, we are happy to announce, that server is ready to be launched! Grand Start will be on March 23 Friday 20:00 (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius. Server Patch will be placed in Downloads section 2 days before start! So prepare, gear up and show your worth in Lineage II Interlude Community! Server Website: Server Features: Server Forum: Server Chanelog: https://l2myth
GrandWar - Interlude x100
Chronicles of the server: INTERLUDE. • High-quality platform and implementation of INTERLUDE Chronicles • The occupation is taken automatically (calling the window in .menu) • Full functionality in Alt + B (Shop, Teleport) • All appear in Dion Town 10 level, in the top No Grade outfit and have 15k adena, as well as the starting mag / warrior buff.
La2Pandorum - Interlude Unique x5
The Universe La2Pandorum is built on the principle of opposing factions. But! Everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. It\'s not just GvE - where from the very beginning of the game, you are offered to take someone\'s side. And from this moment the slogan of the game - \"who is not with us, is against us!\" No. Everything is a little different. Because there are more than two factions in the game of fractions. The opposition lies in the control of the location pharm. At the farm locations are extracted various resources necessary for your faction, But since the resou
L2Phoenix Interlude x50
Stable Interlude x50 craft pvp server where you can play without fear of wipe or closing Grand openin 26.05.2018 20:00 GMT+3 NO WIPES - NO CLOSE !!!
lineage 2 c4 x500
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Interlude Hellbound
L2Ara x150 pvp
Rates Xp/Sp: x150 Aden drop rate: x1 Drop rate: x1 Spoil rate :x1 Ara Quest Drop: x10 Adena,Spoil and Drop rate reworked for better Economy Enchant rates Safe enchant +3 Max enchant Weapons +16 Max enchant Armors +12 Max enchant Jewels +12 Simple enchant scrolls chance - 65% Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 75% Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 85% Augmentations No Grade Skill Chance: 5% Mid Grade Skill Chance: 10% High Grade Skill Chance: 15% Top Grade Skill Chance: 20% Active or Passive skill Removed chance skills Unique features Main towns - Giran Starting character level - 20 Uni
L2Pirate - Interlude x1200
new lineage 2 Interlude server with unique rb,mobs,events,location, only medieval content, whistle to all !!!
Interlude x1200
[L2 Kaia] new Custom server [x100]
Grand Opening of Valkyrie will be on 17 March at 19:00 (GMT +1). Our website -