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Lineage 2 Italia

Lineage 2 Italia is a H5 private server that offers a great experience to all players. Fixed to all. Buffer Custom, Nevits, Treasure chest and more feature. Game is multilingual English/Italian! Server italiano H5. Tradotto completamente in lingua italiana.

High Five


Looking for a stable High Five server where you can play without a fear of wipe of closing? Then we highly advise you to finish your wanderings and settle on the Shilen x5 Server. We rise against wipes and closings of any kind. The server has 100% official files to give our players a comfortable gameplay with no issues. Our donation shop does not offer any kind of \"pay yo win\" potential. Player that will try to corrupt any of our GM\'s will have a permanent IP ban. Our server provides complete support, interesting updates, and conitnuos advertising. Server is protected by smartguard.