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- RateXp = 1000. - RatePartyXp = 1.5 - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +4 (on all) - Max Enchant: +25 - Normal Scrolls: +20 80% - Blessed Scrolls: +20 100% - Crystal Scrolls: +25 100%


L2 Vikings Mid PvP

Grand Opening 17-3-2018 ~18:00 GMT +2 [Webiste]: Lineage II Vikings [Forum]: L2 Vikings- Index page [Facebook]: L2 Vikings - Facebook L2 Vikings Mid PvP rates no custom pvp server opens for you on 17 March / 2018. We are waiting for you all. For more information visit features section. Join us and be best of the best P.s Account creation is automatic just enter in game login and password and your account will be created immediately. See you in game !   RATES » Exp x1000. » SP x1000. » Adena x1000. » Party Exp x2. » Party Sp x2. » Karma drop items x20. ENCHANT RATES » Safe Encha


L2Fusion NoCustom PVP

Server Rates Xp: 2000x Sp: 2000x Drop: 1x Adena: 2000x Server Interlude PvP No Custom items server. Retail server with custom modifications. Enchantment Rates Safe: +3 Max: +15 Max with Crystal: +18 Normal Scroll: 65% Blessed Scroll: 85% Crystal Scroll: 100% Olympiad Information Olympiad Starts: 18:00 Olympiad Ends: 00:00 Hero Changes: Every four days Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Additional Information Client - Interlude. No Custom + Apella armor. Main town - Giran. Donate manager. Wedding system. Max buff slot - 60. Max SubClass - 3. Spawn potection 30s. Rai

Lineagers - Interlude PvP

One of the popular lineage 2 server is coming back. The biggest gamers army go to back home, they home is We have GMshop, Buffer, Global GK. Classic server without additional.

Interlude PvP



L2 Helix PVP

awesome top pvp server + 1000 online join now


On 06.02.2016 at 19:00 GMT+2 L2 Hybrid will a Opens second Rate: x1000 PVP Server! Join us with your friend!


Server info Ratexp=2000 Ratesp=2000 Rateparty=2 Ratepartysp=2 Ratedropadena=2000 RateC RateDropItems=2 Ratedropsealst RatedropSpoil=5 RateDropM Encants Safe +5 Safe +20 Normal Scroll 60:% Chance Blessed Scroll 85% Chamce Crystal Scroll 100% Chance Blessed Max 20. Cristal +26 CUSTOM PVP EASY FARM NO BUG SPECIAL RAID BOSS

Lineage 2 Disaster

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*Server Rate* XP:5000 SP:5000 ADENA:5000 PARTY XP:5000 PARTY SP:5000 PARTY ADENA:5000 *Enhant Rate* Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll: 85% Blessed Scroll:90% Crystall Scroll:100% Augement Rate:20 *Raid Boss* Drop:crystall wep s Drop: crystall armor s Drop:book


For information Go Check Site ..... Event siege aden reward 100$$$


Interlude PvP Server With Unique Features L2 Narcos Staff Challenge you to join our newest interlude pvp server !

[L2J]L2Mafia World x35 Is Back

Hello to All Lineage 2 Players.L2Mafia World x35 Is Back. [No Lag] [No Wipe] [24/7 Uptime] [No Corruption] [No Pay 2 Win]. We maked the best Lineage 2 Interlude server to provide you some Special memories of the real lineage 2 interlude chronicle. Our Team With more Than 12 Years Experience On Lineage 2 Servers is Here To Ensure You That This Server Have ALL Interlude Skills Workable and Balanced To Offer You a Complete Experience Of Interlude Chronicle. Some Infos About our Work : WebSite :

L2 Capsimo

» Experience : 30x » Skill Points : 30x » Adena : 30x » Retail Interlude C6 » Nobless Party Kill Boss » Safe +3/Max +16


LINEAGE2 ONLINE REBORN NO CUSTOM INTERLUDE PRIVATE SERVER (SERVER INFO) Main town of kamael Max lvl 85 -------------------------------- # Normal Rates- -------------------------------- RateXp = 1000 RateSp = 1000 RatePartyXp = 1.5 RatePartySp = 1.5 RateDropAdena = 500 -------------------------------- # Scroll enchant -------------------------------- Enchant Safe = 4 Enchant Max = 20 -------------------------------- # Normal limits (75%) blessedEnchantMin = 0 blessedEnchantMax = 15 -------------------------------- # blessed limits (100%) blessedEnchantMin = 0 blessedEnchantMax = 15 ----------