Lineage 2 Private Servers

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L2 Equanimity High Five

High Five - XP/SP x120 - Adena x250 - TvT, CTF, RB, DM, DMS, CTP, KOTH Events - New Player Bonuses/Protection - Vote Reward System - Rebirth System - Completely Custom Farmzones with Custom Mobs, and Raids - +7 Safe +20 Max - 3 Hour Buffs - Constant Updates - .dressme - Subclass Certification - Custom Spoil System - Choosable Weapon Glows - Friendly Staff - Modified Support Classes - Custom Instances - and many other features join us and see for your self!

L2Idle Botting Allowed

Botting Allowed! [High Five 100%]. A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a easier, automated events and other features to make gameplay more enjoyable. L2Idle allows automated gameplay like no other server.

L2 Fun

Safe +12, Max +16,All class balance, Scrolls,Blesd 100%, PvP zone, Raidboss, BigBoss, Dressme Weapons Shadow, Max Elemental Stone lv4, Crystal lv6,Jewel Lv7 Olympiad 15/15, Siege 15/15 Days, Territory War 15/15 Days, Max 3 Ward in Castle.

[Interlude] 5000x PVP[WIPED], Stuck Sub, Faction

|International server | over 1200 ON+ | Three servers | Unique faction mod | a lot of custom mods | Just Try!


Hello Czech low rate server RATE: EXP:15 SP:15 Adena:30 Items:15 Spoil:20 class master in giran custom shop : SS and bsps, potions etc.. Champions active NONSTOP EVENTS drop - apiga and MEDALS

Lineage 2 Amerika

[High Five] 1000x 1000x 1000x - Safe +6 Max +25 - Scroll 66% Blessed 80% Divine 100% - 3Hour Buffs - 20 Automatic Events - Balanced Classes - Skills Retail - Vote Reward System - 4 Years Online! - Bring your friends! Join us and enjoy!


Adena and experience for PVP As an interlude, but the graphics are better: No attributes and skills 80+ S-grade maximum. Start at level 75. A lot of interesting things

L2 Capsimo

» Experience : 30x » Skill Points : 30x » Adena : 30x » Retail Interlude C6 » Nobless Party Kill Boss » Safe +3/Max +16

Lineage 2 Italia

Lineage 2 Italia is a H5 private server that offers a great experience to all players. Fixed to all. Buffer Custom, Nevits, Treasure chest and more feature. Game is multilingual English/Italian! Server italiano H5. Tradotto completamente in lingua italiana.

Lineage 2 AegloS 250X PvP Server

Servidor usando a melhor plataforma para High Five PvP com varios eventos automaticos - Sistema dressme único - Sistema Ant Feed nas olimpiadas, Servidor safe +3 max +16, venha conhecer, diversão garantida.


Best Hispano Experiencie. New Challenge. Come & Play..


Exp: x100Sp: x100Adena: x50Items: x40Spoil: x30Quests: x10Rate in some quests: x3-x8 ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry:Safety +3Max +16/+12/+12When creating a new character is given such an items: Top No Grade + Soulshots: No grade + 20000 aden . Server to the concept of a Olympiad NCSoft.Automatic learning skills.Subclass without quest.No Donat things affect the game balance./ unstuck 15 seconds.The catacombs are open 24 \\ 7Buffs / BufferNumber of slots: 36Number of debuff slots: 6Cost buffs: 1000 adenaThe duration of the buff: 2 hrsAll buffs, dances,


1000+ ONLINE, High Five 15x rates, Custom NPCs and features, Balanced Classes, Auto Events, Anti BOT, Unique systems! Internacional. Join us today!


International Retail like Chronicle 4 server. * 5x rates * Dual Boxing not allowed * Buff Times : retail like * Enchant Rates : retail like * Enchant safe : +4 * Full Geodata and Pathfinding * Full working Olympiad * All C4 locations and raids * c4 - Fishing * c4 - Baby Pets * c4 - Skill enchanting * c4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests Oldschool C4 gameplay: * No Vitality System * No Herbs * No Common Items * No Shadow Items * No Masterwork crafts Custom additions: * Quest Item seller for 1st and 2nd class change quests * Newbie buffs till lv 40 * Adventurers weapons for new characters * I

L2 Maximun Freya

The Best PvP Freya Server // Start lvl 85 full Morai // Farm Easy // All Itens in Game


- RateXp = 1000. - RatePartyXp = 1.5 - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +4 (on all) - Max Enchant: +25 - Normal Scrolls: +20 80% - Blessed Scrolls: +20 100% - Crystal Scrolls: +25 100%

L2MAD [CUSTOM] Interlude PvP x100000 - JUST TRY

Custom PvP Interlude x100000, Real Online 1500+ | Best Anti Bot Protection | Just Try, Join Now!

L2Fusion NoCustom PVP

Server Rates Xp: 2000x Sp: 2000x Drop: 1x Adena: 2000x Server Interlude PvP No Custom items server. Retail server with custom modifications. Enchantment Rates Safe: +3 Max: +15 Max with Crystal: +18 Normal Scroll: 65% Blessed Scroll: 85% Crystal Scroll: 100% Olympiad Information Olympiad Starts: 18:00 Olympiad Ends: 00:00 Hero Changes: Every four days Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Additional Information Client - Interlude. No Custom + Apella armor. Main town - Giran. Donate manager. Wedding system. Max buff slot - 60. Max SubClass - 3. Spawn potection 30s. Rai

Master of Lineage 2

High Five Mid Rate Server - 20x Rates - GM-Shop(C,B,A) - Global-GK - Player/Pet Scheme Buffer(2H Buffs) - Popup Class Changer - Offline Trade/Private Creation - Weight Limit 1000x - Olympiad Every 2 Weeks - Sieges Every Week - Hellbound/7Signs/Freya/Delusion Chambers/Pailaka Working - Join Now!

EndlessWorld Lineage 2 HighFive

EndlessWorld: Fully working Hi5 midrate XP:15x SP:15x Adena:15x CCQ:off SCQ:off Autolearn:on MaxLVL:85


For information Go Check Site ..... Event siege aden reward 100$$$

Line][age BlackBird

Magyar Low - Server, 3x Experience Point, 4x Skill Point, 5x Adena, Special Shop, Newbie buffer, Custom system

L2Vanir - Your Lineage 2 server

New Freya server [Exp/Sp/Drop/Adena: x10] [Max Enchant: +16] [1h Buffs] [NPC Buffer] [TvT] [Weddings] [Class Master] [Retail Skill Learning] [No custom items] [No lag] - THE BEST SERVERS L2OFF 100%

The BEST PVP x50. New x20 PRO server opened 06 Nov 2011. Classic X10. 3000+ online. NOT JAVA. All features are working 100%


GoD and H5 hybrid German Lineage 2 PvE/RP freeshard, with a good staff and a very nice and big community. Fast support, 4th CCQ, up to 20 characters and 3 SubClasses, own quests, castle siege, territory war and many more. You are welcome to enter Imoriath

L2 Living Server

Bem Vindos Viajantes Do Lineage Interlude Criamos Um Projeto Um Pouco Diferente Para Deixar Ainda Mais Divertida A Sua Jogabilidade No Game, Nosso Mundo lol Rate! Confira Nosso Sit

Lineage II Arcana

Lineage II Interlude Free Server

L2Matrix Interlude

Lineage 2 Matrix C6 PVP SERVER JOIN NOW +150 ONLINE

L2 Outline

Servidor novo e balanceado !


start DATE: 23 December PTS x20! All the people appear to be naturally finds. person appear with top NG EPI. Bremen accessory. In the Inventor SDK is for beginners, containing: the subject to realise Bremen access to choice (1 day) Soldati or spiritshotsweet BA (easy gait + hast or give) Switch to Offline Trade. More info:

Lineage 2 Scarlet

Lineage 2 Scarlet High Five (H5) server. XP Rate 20X / SP Rate: 20X / Max Enchant Rate +20 / Safe Enchant Rate +4 / Shop and Special Shops / Global Gatekeeper, PvP(vE) Areas / Olympiad / Raiding ... Join Us! It\'s Free!


PvhGames Online

L2PVH H5 PvhGames Online Embarque nessa aventura. Seus jogos preferidos em um só lugar!

L2 Stars High Five 20x

Lineage II High Five server 20x

Lineage II Casteli - High Five Hard PvP

High Five PvP Server | PvP Reward to PvP Coin | Rates 500x | Class Balancer | Safe +8 Max +16/+20 | Npc Buffer 1h | PvP All Time | Have Fun! | International Server

Lineage 2 Classic x10

xp x10 sp x10 Adena x4 Drop x4 Spoil x3 Quest x3 Quest Awards x3 Features: - Auto Learning Skills - Buying professions for Aden - Start Bonus (SoulShots, Dual Swords(D,C)) - Full Baff in the community - Implementation of the \"Tower of Insolence\" in version 1.5

Lineage 2 Taaroa Classic

Hello adventurer! Are you ready for a new adventure in an ancient but fun world? It is a classic server but free and with more ratexp and fun Sieghardt = XP 25x SP 25x Adena 25x party x2

Foro Mundo L2

Foro de Lineage 2, aclara tus dudas, todo lo que debes saber acerca del Juego Lineage 2. En español.

[CF][L2J]Pride Evolution

Promo Video Server Features Client : Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9000x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 1000x. Drop: 1x. Enchant Rates Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet Wondrous Cubic Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Items PvP Tokens Cloaks Talismans Belts Bracelets Armours & Weapons: Masterwork S Grade Dynasty Master Dynasty Titanium Legacy Titanium Dre


On 06.02.2016 at 19:00 GMT+2 L2 Hybrid will a Opens second Rate: x1000 PVP Server! Join us with your friend!

L2 Description

Servidor de Lineage 2 interlude PvP massivo é só entrar e tretar! Bora la Galera!!

L2 Lunnar PvP

Lineage Interlude Lunnar PvP

Comuniada Lastlegion

Hi5 Server x10 custom item, skill goddess. max lvl 101, new areas and much more .... Buffer 2 hours, etc ....and Interlude x7 retail...

Elite Server Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x

Servidor Interlude Mid Rate 75x Crafther Grade S Drops em Hot Springs


Server l2Warglad 50x Interlude Venha Fazer Parte do nosso mundo l2 Open dia 05/08/2017 as 14:00 hrs venha e traga seu clan !!

L2 Symploner PvP Server Reinalgurando Hoje

Servidor novinho, reinalgurando pvp 1000x bless 85% att 80% farm easy totalmente gratuito itens conseguidos in game, não temos itens custons. Somente Cloak Boss.. 3 Areas PvP 2 Farms Zonas especiais criadas por min.. é varias aventuras!

L2 PVPBrasil 500x e L2 Show Games 1000x

Interlude PVP BRASIL Reinauguração 15-07 20 SERVIDOR 2 SHOW GAMES SERVIDOR 1 Evento TVT CTF Bless 100% PVP 24 H Eventos No Lag Staff ATIVA Hero Evento


Welcome to Lineage 2 Old-Wars Interlude PvP We present you Lineage 2 Old-Wars, an Interlude PVP server. Welcome to L2OldWars – PvP interlude Server. We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us. Server will start soon,with amazing features such as rare and unique equipment, modified skills, multiple sub-class system, wide PvP areas, Clan wars, Castle sieges, Olympiads, automated events and much more. 19/11/2017 TIME 19:00 +2GMT COMING FOR BIG CLANS AND BIGS WARS!!! We are waiting you all of our big grand opening!