Legend Of Mir Private Servers

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League of Legends Private Server

Fully working League of Legends private server, unlimited IP, unlimited RP, all champions unlocked, new community, toxic free

Legend Of Mir 2 Roads To Redemption

Roads To Redemption is a all new MMORPG that is available to play world wide for free. RTR is based on Legend of mir 2 the 3 hero’s, Whilst based upon Legend Of Mir 2 ours is the latest client and has 5 playable classes all with there own strengths! Whilst the game is free to play there are many items that can be bought for game gold credits (premium items) that cost real money, whilst there are many legend of mir servers about only Roads To Redemption has all new items and New playable maps! giving unlimited playing time. X1 EXP X1 DROPS PETS AND MORE

Mir Revenge

Legend of Mir has been running since 2001. Mir Revenge has been running since 2006. Project 69 is the longest running Legend of Mir private server and it\'s still open. It\'s only down to the hard work and input from www.lomcn.org that Mir 2 is still active. Mir Revenge Refresh will be the 5th and LAST Legend of Mir server that Mir Revenge will run. The 1st Mir server, 2.3 high rate, ran for over 6 years without a wipe. The server was a huge success and at its peak had over 300 players online at once. For those who have never played Legend of Mir before that is a lot of players to be online at