Knight Online Private Servers

List of the most popular Knight Online private servers.

Zone MYKO - Legends are playing here

Zone MYKO is classical Knight online 72 lvl max FARM server with a well estabilished english speaking community and legendary players from original MYKO server! New quests a lot of events. Juraid, BDW, Forgotten temple! Join and enjoy fun.


Titan Server is an improved version of the legendary MaxKO. Online since June 2014! Max lvl 85. Light farm/ pk server. Balanced classes and Items. We got: Killing Race, BorderWar, CSW, ForgottenTemple, SpinningWheel gambling, Daily free items, Ardream, Rental items, Achievement system. Friendly and active staff. Come and join us for your ultimate Knight Online experience. WE ALL PLAYING TITANKO , NOW IS YOUR TURN TO JOIN US . PANEL: WWW.TITAN.MAXKO.ORG FORUM: WWW.MAXKO-FORUM.INFO DOWNLOAD: REGISTER: TEAMSPEAK: T

ProjectKO Bring Back Old Memories

Active old style Knight online server. Farm server with lvl cap 72. International Community. Players from all the world. Events like BDW,Gold Zone,War,Juraid and more! Join us now and have fun!

OldMyKO The Best MYKO Life Time KO

The BEST MYKO SERVER Max Level 70 , BrethPiana Old Maps Old CZ Special Events , Stay online EARN Knight Cash, LICANCED SOACS ANTICHEAT Power up Store System Automatic Wars,Lastman event,Deathmach eventFind the Gm Events, We are Big Company, Life Time Server English users

Spark Online - Knight Online

Server 100% full PK , lvl 83 max, Easy lvl up, Armor and Weapons max +8 and jewel max +1, 100% upgrade to +8 , Start with all the items ,Amazing War Map! , Vote System , PUS System , Event every month and much more!! come join now!

Royal Knight Online 2017

Royal KO Worldwide Private Server, Low rates, Balanced classes, Maxim level 83, New quests, auto system events, Forgotten temple, BDW, Active GMs, MAX Shells +8. Join now


Hola, les presento el Server Latino 100% full PK, lvl 83 Facil lvl up, Armadura +7 +8 +9 y joyas +1 +2 máximo, tienen un Npc de Item Gratis para seleccionar, War martes, jueves y domingo, Batalla de Clan cada fin de semana, CSW los domingos 10k de Cash clan ganador, evento BDW, chaos y mucho más !! ¡Únete ahora a LATINKO!

KnightOnline1 More Than a Private Server

v 14xx Official Knight Online Server , serving since 2011


UnionKO is a medium farm server with a lot of great features and events. It is going to open beta on 18.06.2017 and there are some good BETA rewards prepared, such as gaming set, gaming mouse,gaming headphones.

Knight Online Farm Server

80 lvl farm and pk server,exprience gm crew and more event come and enjoy

Knight Online - Tears Of Adonis

A new medium farm/pk server. English administratiors, 24/7 online.No overpowered donators.

SexyKO Best Server

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1534 Ardream Server

ARDREAM 1534 Version

[KE] Knight Online

V2 Server, LUNAR WAR,BDW,CHAOS,JURAID,DEATH MATCH,PARTY BATTLE. Start with chitin Chitin+8,Weapons+8,Jewelry+1,Free Cospre. lvl 83 worms. exchange special items for KnightCash in moradon. max. chitin shell, weapons bifrost and personal

Ronark Land Game Hypnos

Ronark Land Game \"Hypnos\" v.21xx Half Farm Server. OFFICAL 5 Agust. 20:00 [GMT+3] OFFICAL 2 DAYS LATER


[Server] Count = 1 IP0 = [Version] Files = 1453 [Jo Un] Registration site = http: //www.kingdoomOfAREA [Includeex A] Last = 1453

ProfessionalKO - OFFICIAL on 29 september 2017

Farm/PK MYKO Server - Starting Level 1 - Max Level 70 - Starting Gear included - Max upgrade +7 for armors/weapons and +0 for accessories - Custom Quests - Custom Events - Balanced Classes - Balanced PUS - Friendly Community - Great Support. Join Us Now!

Apex Knight Online

ApexKO is running on the latest version of USKO (20xx),you will start at level 60 mastered,a lot of fun events to attend including Juraid,Chaos,BDW,Krowaz. The server is light farm with a great supporting community!

Knight Online 4 Fun Farm Server

KO4Fun is a brand new farm server just started, max level is 85, all skills are working. new Zones like Under the castle, Knight castleJuraid Mountain . LAG FREE SERVER. There are a lot of very nice events. Dungeons for level 70/80/85. We have weapons / armors like Darkness/Hero/Undefeatable. Powerup Store fully working.