Jade Dynasty Private Servers

Listing the most popular Jade Dynasty private servers.

XtremeJade XJD Vision - Regenesis patch

Regenesis Patch 15 Classes, STARTER PACK lvl 120+, easy Ascension, +9 Gear, FREE 1500 Jadens per day, high rates server XP X300 Gold/Drop X30 Dedicated PvP and PvE Realms, Complete market place!

[Orizon-Gaming] [Jade Dynasty]

[Orizon Jade Dynasty] [Skyfall Expansion] [New Psychea-Kytos Classes] [LVL 160 Cap] [Good Starter Pack] [JD Retail Storyline + Gear up System] [High Rate] [Weekly Updates] [Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers] [Open World PVP-Territory Wars] [24/7 Support] [No Lag] [No Downtime] [Join now and discover much more]

Jade Monkey - 12 Class/Judgement Expansion

Judgement Expansion including full working Voida class Retail like - 100x xp, vote for jaden twice daily - discounted marketplace - regular GM run events - constant development - We listen to your feedback


SAKURA PVP Jade Dynasty FREE PRIVATE SERVERFull Any SoulStones and Espers on website, Full free Chroma 81 lvl,Full 160 lvl up by 1 click, Without Kythos and Psychea,Fixed Voida All Demos are working, Dungeons and bonus,24/7 online Support and GM