Jade Dynasty Private Servers

Listing the most popular Jade Dynasty private servers.

XtremeJade XJD Vision - Regenesis patch

Regenesis Patch!!! 15 Classes, New factions, Hydran, Kytos and Psychea, New instances, Alliance base, Events, NEW GRAPHIC ENGINE, FREE Jadens, XJD is the first ever high rates server XP X150 Gold/Drop X30 Dedicated PvP and PvE Realms, Complete market place. WE ARE BACK!


SAKURA PVP Jade Dynasty FREE PRIVATE SERVERFull Any SoulStones and Espers on website, Full free Chroma 81 lvl,Full 160 lvl up by 1 click, Without Kythos and Psychea,Fixed Voida All Demos are working, Dungeons and bonus,24/7 online Support and GM

Jade Monkey - 12 Class/Judgement Expansion

Judgement Expansion including full working Voida class Retail like - 100x xp, vote for jaden twice daily - discounted marketplace - regular GM run events - constant development - We listen to your feedback

Uno Jade Dynasty

PVP-server version 4.0.0 Start location Old Sunstream Reita h99999 h99999 gold Exodus 155+ NPC Enchantment All 20 starting NPC Farm location Old Sunstream and Dragon Gorge all possible to buy without Donata Tiara, kinship and chromium in two clicks TV, Throne , alliance Base, Fort

[Orizon-Gaming] [Jade Dynasty] [PVP]

[Orizon Jade Dynasty] - [New Server] - [Start with Max lvl and End-Game PVP Gears+Skills autolearn] - [Retail Gears-Pots] - [Largest Amount of Fashion, Pets, Mounts etc] -[Masive Open World PVP-Arena PVP-Clan Wars] - [24/7 Support] - [Join now and discover much more]