Krona FlyFF


Krona's Quickstart Guide

Step One: Register on the Website.

Step Two: Download the Installer/Client.

Step Three: Read Krona's Official Beginner's Guide.

Step Four: Join Krona's Official Discord.

We have tons of features, and you can join our Discord and go to the #server-features channel for a full list. 

You'll honestly just have to come check it out for yourself!

For just a small list of our features though, and keep in mind this list is not even close to the full/total list that we have on Krona, so as we mentioned above, you'll just have to come see for yourself! However, for this small list of features we have:

  • Fully Custom GUI (Not v15 or v19, All Custom)
  • Mechnical Dungeons & Dungeon Bosses' AI
  • Everpower Upgrade System (Completely Unique Upgrade System)
  • Easy Curve into PvP (Join our PvP Fast!)
  • Guild Clash
  • Autonomous Invasions w/ Final Boss
  • World Bosses
  • Advanced NPC Vendors (Vote Points!)
  • SFX Buff Pets
  • Puzzle/Challenging Dungeons
  • An Active Development Team (Weekly Updates/Hotfixes)
  • Active/Friendly Community

If you're not playing Krona, what are you doing?! See you soon!

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