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DragonCross Flyff Pserver is the best and oldest Lowrate Flyff Server in Europe since 2011!
With us you will find lovingly designed maps and own content, which no other Pserver possesses.
As the only Flyff Pserver we know, we have real fly mounts, the Tabbed Inventory, a 4th job class
and many cool features expect you and a nice and helpful community.

Dragoncross is NOT pay2win, you can get everything in game!
We are not scammers like Forsaken Flyff and we DO NOT offer any consumables for real money!

Agarth Farm World (Here you can get 3 varieties of Special Boxes)

Beginner Items (As a beginner, you'll get great items in inventory at the beginning)
Black market (as an event you can sell your stuff on the black market)
Burnout System (Let's attack and get 100% BurnExp -> 2 Superskills)

CS Pets with Stats (CS Collectibles with 3x stats when you unpack the pet)
Charging (Levelset +10, Weapon +10, Jewelry +20 directly on char create)
Country system (Choose your country flag and show us where you live)

Donate exchange system (exchange coupons for sets/weapons -> press F10 Ingame)
Dragonia Farmworld (
donate coupons can be farmed ingame)

Fashion Combination (up to 3 awakenings of every CS set) -> Fashion Nerupa Ingame
FAA Mode (FreeForAll - everyone against everyone, daily at 6pm with great rewards)
Fast awakening (with /Awaken you can awaken weapons and leveling-pieces super-fast)
Fishing System (You can fish with your Rod at the lake in Flaris now for great items)

Gameguard (Our Gameguard blocks every tool like cheatengine, menox and greyb1t)
Glow System (Change your Set-Glow to any color -> GlowAura dropbar)
Guild Color (The color of your guild name changes with increasing levels)
Guild Survival (Is your guild already strong enough for this survival fight?)
GW Rewards (You can redeem great rewards for GW Chips at the NPC)

Item Crafting System (Find a reward and get Questies -> F12 Ingame)

League of Legend Pets (We imported the pets from LoL for you)
Legendary Pet (With the Superscroll in the Votershop, you make your Pet legendary)
Logintime Bonus (the longer online -> higher your Exp, more players -> higher Droprate)
Lord System (Our lord system works without a hassle of rebooting, as on other servers)

Madrigalgift (The longer you are online, the more rewards (Penya) you get)
Minion CS Pet (A Minion CS Pet waiting for you in the game)
Modelchange (Weapons/Shields, CS, Levelsets, Glasses & Cloaks -> F11 Ingame)
Model Viewer (View your Equiment befor buy in WikiCross or at NPC City Admin)
Mounts (Real Riding and Animals in the F10 Shop for Ingame Currency)
Multilanguage Client in English and German

New Monsters (We have new monsters that NO other Pserver owns)

Online AFK Exp (Afk? Your Exp increases with Start -> Helper -> Online Exp Ingame)

Partyfinder Rejoinskills (Join in a free party with key Z and see the activated skills)
Pet Glow (Now get your Sammelpet the same Glow as your Char (Start-> Character))
Pickup Scroll (Your Drops are placed into the Inventory)
Player Color (You can add an individual color to your character with a scroll)
Pokemon CS Pets (Pikachu, Dialga, Machamp, Mewto, Oddish, Butterfree, Glumanda)
Premium VIP (VIP 30D with a unique pickupscroll that cancels your items immediately)

Rebirth System (Level a char from 160 to M60 and back to 160 for rewards)
Roulette Game (You can win many great items in Roulette Start-> Character-> Roulette)

Scratchcard (You get lots for the vote and get great rewards)
Self-design wings (We have countless wings with which you can also run)
Shoppingcart (Shopsystem with Penya, Perin, plus a shopping cart and preview)

Tabbed Inventory (We have the inventory as the only Pserver quadruple for you at all)
Treasure System (Farm Silver or Golden Key and open boxes with great items)
Teleportsystem (press V in the game with world preview and Dungeon Cooldown Timer)

User Title (Make your own title as you like it)
Upgrade Color System (Each set, weapon, jewelery ab +1 is colored in the inventory)

VIP System (Use the VIP Scroll and get special skills)
V19 Theme (Better design of all visible windows & menus)

Weapons & Shield Levels (Mob attack levelt weapon, get attacked, level your shield)

Wings SFX (New Wings SFX, if you use a scroll with special effects)
WorldBoss (the WorldBoss will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays with useful prizes)

Over 200 CS Sets (We have the largest selection of model CS sets)
Over 200 Weapon Models (We have the widest range of weapon designs available)
4th Jobchange (new job classes with completely new custom skills)
3D Arventus Map (new levelworld in 3D look in gloomy ice)
3D Oasis Map (new 3D world look with many great effects)

Secret Room Reward in the form of a DC guild set for 7 days
Linkattack available for all players in a party
You can win crowns and exchange these with the NPC Chris for great items
When you enter a party, you immediately see if the partyskills are running
No annoying switchbug, no stats by bugusing stackable
No position lags on no maps
New Buffscroll with NPC (General Lui) to take away
Votesystem in the UserCP and Voteshop with reward for your votechips
Lovingly designed flaris in a new 3D look with beautiful 3D minimaps (no offi design)
AutoRecoverSystem - You set an item, which automatically feeds for you

Votes - This month