BastionFlyff Reforged [NOW LIVE]


BastionFlyff Reforged is open and ready for players! Reforged brings back the core focus of BastionFlyff, PvP and Siege! Get started instantly with free gear and free items in the NPC. Start building your PvP gear from there and instantly start sieging. It doesn't end there, with the rewards you earn from PvP you further increase your gear and power, rise to the top of the leaderboarders and earn unique rewards! A ton of skills and systems have been tweaked to give PvP more depth and excitement while still keeping the classic v15 artstyle and feeling. PvE remains as an extra addition unique to BastionFlyff, Farm up various Cosmetics and other fun bonus items through PvE (doesn't affect your gear). We have weekly updates to balance and new PvE and PvP Content! Come play with us now.

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