[Launched December 21st] BastionFlyff Siege Oriented Server - No Grind - Free Starter Gear - Hourly Sieges - Unique PvE Changes - New Quests - Earn Donation Currency INGAME! BastionFlyff is a new GW/Siege server that combines the classic feeling of v15-siege with new reworked skills and balance to give every class a viable chance in siege. In addition to being a siege server there is additional PvE content for those who want to max out their characters and change up the pace. Earn killstreaks and shutdowns ingame and earn instant rewards while sieging. After siege based on your score you can earn donation currency and if you are lucky random lootboxes for your participation. PvE has removed the grind of leveling and getting basic gear, BastionFlyff allows you to create gear for free while still adding a challenge in both PvP and PvE with dungeons and quests.

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