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InsanityFlyFF - #10 Year Anniversary

We offer the best experience in FlyFF since 2008. Our servers do not wipe and we have a fair team which manage our server. Player input is very appreciated to us, we listen to your suggestions to make the server even greater. Level cap; 300 - High experience rate - Lots of PvE content and PvP to satisfy your needs. InsanityFlyFF is the most customize-able server out there, we offer hundreds of custom outfits and a lot more to customize your character to your needs, you name it, we have it all. Most of the servers copy us, don\'t fall for their false advertisements and tricks they use to rob y

CustomSystems Friendly Community Over 1000 Players Online Farm & Fun Free Starting Gear Fun PvP Beginner Items Guild Siege High Rate

Flyff Iblis

Classic Gaming (Old Flyff Vanilla Gameplay), based on 2008 eFlyff. Low Rates 2x exp/drop, Level up Rewards for newbies, eFlyff events only, 2 PK Channels, fully functional In-Game Premium Shop, Pet Filter, Party Finder, Multiclient enabled, No custom edited items, Non pay-to-win items on Premium Shop, Negative awakes enabled, SSL secured website, Runs on bare-metal US Dedicated server. One of the most populated long-term servers.

V15 Old School Farm & Fun PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege

Clockworks Flyff

Clockworks FlyFF is a professional Mid-Rate server, run by a superb team of developers with several years of experience. We strive to create an amazing community, including balanced gameplay, great new items and awesome content. We can\'t wait for you to join!

Farm Server Rewarding Active Community Discord Integration All Versions Custom Systems No P2W PvP Mid Rate Guild Siege

Lord of Madrigal

Lord of Madrigal is a Battle Royal Game Mod based on the popular MMORPG FlyForFun. Join the game for the Open Beta !

Battle Royal PvP Fun