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Krona FlyFF



MagmaFlyFF is both the continuation and the spiritual successor to the wildly popular MonsterFlyFF server with the acquisition and merger of AetherFlyFF. Boasting staff with over 10 years of combined experience, MagmaFlyFF constantly innovates to tackle FlyFF where its the weakest. By providing quality, attentive community and development services, MagmaFlyFF aims to create a classic experience for FlyFF. MagmaFlyFF offers no ridiculous stats, overpowered donation items or lackluster patches. Instead, we provide a constant stream of content which continues to grow at a steady, enjoyable pace.


InsanityFlyFF, only the name of it will make you know what it is, the fact all eflyff users who are quitting officials are joining us should tell you some thing. In any case, our max level is still 300, we are up since 2008 and guess what? We are working on FlyFF HD, check out our forums if you wanna play FlyFF HD on your 2016 computers without lags or delays and finally with HD graphics. We love this game, we develop on it since 2008 and now we will finally bring you a game up to 2016 standards, FlyFF HD!!! Join us!!!

Clockworks Flyff - ANGELS RETURN - 25TH JUNE

Clockworks FlyFF is a brand new Mid-Rate server, run by a superb team of developers with several years of experience. We strive to create an amazing community, including a balanced gameplay, great new items and awesome content. We can’t wait for you to join!

Fly For Sky

A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation shop, everyone is equal. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom Worlds. Custom Monsters and Monster Skills. Glow Changer. Custom Quests. NPCs sell Pick-up pets, most Fashion, and tons more. You could go to another server where they will nickel and dime you for Fashion and DDoS the competition, or you could come here and have an uncorrupted experience unlike any other. You will not regret joining.

Floral Flyff - Deutschlands Top Server seit 2013

Floral Flyff ist der erfolgreichste Deutsche Highrate Server mit einer Großen Community, welche mehr als 500+ Aktive Spieler umfasst! Wir bieten viele Inhalte wie z.B. Custom Maps und Dungeons, Waffen, Monster, Pets, Sets und viel mehr, welche alle von uns selber entworfen werden! Tägliche Quests - Herausforderungen im Arena der Furcht System - Elfen System - Neue Mechaniken in Schwierigen Dungeons - Kein Pay to Win! Jetzt teil der großen Floral Flyff Community werden und mitspielen!

FlyffPH Gold

A new server that f4s migrated to. Instant 150 Level. Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds), Guild Siege for low class type. Death Match War 2 sessions a day, Dota2 model, Perin Converter, Fast Awakening, Teleporting System, Glow Changer, Advanced Transfer Awakes. Fixed awakening like Str+511, Dex+511 and many more. You can get these items by vPoints. Join us Now!

Forsaken FlyFF - Deutschlands #1

[NEUSTART - JANUAR 2017] Über 800 Spieler täglich online! - Deutschlands erfolgreichster Flyff P-Server! - Custom-Inhalte wie neue Dungeons, Waffen, Monstern und vielen mehr! - Das Daily-Quest-System mit besonderen Belohnungen! - Neue Herausforderungen im Szenario-System und neuen Mechaniken in schwierigen Dungeons - Regelmäßige Updates sorgen für langfristigen Spielspaß! - Entdecke unser neues Talentesystem! - Kein Pay-To-Win, jeder hat eine faire Chance! - Jetzt teil der großen Community werden und mitspielen!

Mazey Flyff

[Rates:9999 All][Balanced Classes][Max Level:175][Fashion Hide][Colosseum][Red Perin System][Revised Private Shops][Arena Scoreboard][Custom PvP Games][Fashion Combine][Item Linking][Max Awake:300][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Guild Siege Every 2 hours][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Useful Items Instores] So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

Saga Flyff

Fly For SagaFly For Saga [The Beginning ofa Journey] [5K EXP][2.5k Drop][3.5k Penya][250 Max Awake][Colosseum System][Death Match System][Every 3 Hours Guild Siege 4 rounds][Achievement System][Item Linking][Glow System][Crystal System][Rebirth System][World Boss System][Red Chip as 2nd Currency][Lots of custom fashions and other stuffs] [Baruna System] [Nondonors and Donors are balance][You do not need to donate to kill donors]What are you waiting for? Join Now!!!

NO FLYFF v14 - Best Lowrate Server


Shining Nation

Pycckuu npuBaTHbIu cepBep FlyFF. noJlHbiu nepeBog. nogapku 3a level, 3a online, 3a cogeucTBue. 6aJlaHc PVP. 3augu He o6Jlomauc9.

Dream Flyff [The Come Back]

Mid Rate Server [4th Jobs with custom skills] [Mid Awakenings] [Crystal System] [Baruna System] [Lord Exp And Drop Event] [Droppable Items] [Everything is available in game] What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Silence of Darkness

[!NEW!][v19][Farm & Gw Server][International][Mid Rate][Exp: 1500x][Drop: 1000x][Penya: 2000x][Many Features][Join us Now][!NEW!]

Roika Classic v15

Roika Classic was based on Flyff Philippines Server with v15 and Low rate Server Classic Theme, Premiums, Fashion, Pet, Cloak, Mask are all available in shop. Come and join us to relive the experience of playing the original version of Flyff Philippines.

Cardinal Flyff Nostalgia [LOW RATE] FRESH ~ Started April 13, 2017

Have you been waiting for the greatest time of your life? A real in life experience and bonding with you and your character? Well this server has it all...! Nostalgia gaming, The chilling thrill of the Best Fyff server ever imagined. We have Custom Fashions, Active Players, full filing updates, Unique weapons, and everything new and fresh, we also provide LOW RATES which are the best in our kind. Creating an active community which can lead to making friends and guilds, and parties. Making the community closer like family, Guild Siege and many more to come. See you!

OnlyFlyFF v15 - [MidRate Server]

OnlyFlyff v15 - International -Server Features Fresh Started on [May 13, 2017] - Lvl 185 Max - Custom Title - Balance PvP - /awa Command [400k Penya per Command] - Item Rare [Chance to Drop items with rare,epic and godly stats] - CS Dropable on monster lvl 20 to 150 And Many More !!!!

Heaven Flyff Level Up - New Server

We focus on fair game play. Zero tolerance on corruption and cheat. Come and join now! Play with a peace of mind, have an uncorrupted and non pay to win Flyffing experience. Visit our website to learn more about us. [Mid Rate v19] Exp x25 Drop x10 Penya x25

Syzygy FlyFF v19

The rest is now over! It is now the time for our wings to go up in the sky and to soar to the greatest heights. With the SYZYGY FLYFF server, let’s bring back the FUN and ADVENTURE just like when FLYFF is still on its peak. Strategically planned and focused on various aspects of the game, it aims to provide world class gaming to every player who will join the community. So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Sakura Flyff

Newly created flyff private server as of May 30, 2017. visit for more info! Your real adventure starts here! Try now!

Dragon Crusade - Dragon Cross Flyff Reunion

Die beiden besten und ältesten Lowrate Flyff Pserver wieder vereint mit einer Community, die mehr als 800+ Aktive Spieler umfasst! Als erster Flyff Server weltweit präsentieren wir echte Reit und Flugtiere!!! Wir bieten viele einzigartige Inhalte wie z.B. Custom Maps & Dungeons, WoW Waffen, WoW Aion Monster, Pets & Sets, ein bugfreies Auktionshaus, das Tabbed Inventory und weitere Systeme wie die 4. Jobklasse, welche von uns entwickelt wurden und nicht auf einem anderen Flyff Pserver zu finden sind! Finde Deinen Spass auf unserem Lowrate Flyff Pserver!


[Farm|MidrateServer|German] [Exp:150|Penya:150|Drop:Custom][Wöchentliche Lordwahl][Event Manager mit NPC] [Droplist]___[Pets immer Perfekt \"1/1/1/1/1\" = 75 Jeder Slot 1-9 möglich Max:115 stats] [WorldBosse][Sets/Karten/Waffen droppen in Random Boxxen mit gewissem NPC Wert] [Waffen LC-DONATE haben 5% unterschied im Effekt pro Stufe] [Sets von Bloody-Donate haben 5% unterschied im Effekt pro Stufe] Besucht uns doch mal~ See ya!

FAME WAR » Unique Mid Rate PVP & Farm Server «

We offer you the greatest Farming and PVP Experience in the whole Flyff Scene, 11 Years of Experience combined with Programming and Coding Skills. Unique Farm Content, Prestige Level Ups, Monster Clash, PVP Rumble, 99 LIFE SIEGE, Daily Guild Siege, 1st Job Siege, NEW Custom Pets, BRAND NEW WORLDS and Monsters, Boss Tokens, Autonomous Invasion System! Monster Orbs, Weapon Rank, Daily Rewards, TONS OF EVENTS! And much more!! *JOIN - NOW*

Accel FlyFF - V18

[Mid Rate Server] [Rates:1000 exp , 500 drop , 500 penya] [Balanced Classes] [Max Level:150] [Colosseum] [Revised Private Shops] [Fashion Combine] [Glow Changer] [Model Change] [Party Finder] [Pet Filter] [Guild Siege Every 30 mins.] [Quick Teleport] [95%+ of Useful Items Instores] [No Donate Awakes] [Donor items huntable and farmable] So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

LatinFlyff Siege Diaria - LvL Max 175 - Español

[Exp: x100 - Drop: Personalizado - Penya: x1000], Clases Mejoradas, Awakes 100% positivos sin espera, sistema de 5 rebirth, sistema de combinación de Fashion seguro, Armas Custom, NPC Premium, [SIEGE DIARIA], Pvp balanceado, Staff amigable y comprometido, Servidor ESTABLE, mantenciones Programadas, Ven y Unete a LatinFlyff...

Galaxy Flyff [International High Rate Fun Server]

Fast Client Download 400MB Only,Fresh Server, 99 Perins Voting Rewards,Hi Stated Free Weapons+400 to 500 STATS, Balance Hi Rate Awakes, Fashions etc at NPC, All Items can be hunt, High Awakes, High EXP rates, Fashion Combine System, Auto Convert Penya to Perin, Transfer Awake System, Auto Job No need NPC Quest, Start your new Journey, Be one of us, Join us now!

Flyff Brazuca

[Exp: 150x / Drop: 70x / Penya: 500x] [Max Level 150] [v16 + v17 Itens e Mapas] [Armas Lvl 135+] [Refinar/Perfurar +Fácil] [24/7 Servidor Dedicado Sem Lag] [NPC Troca de Classe] [Guild Sieges] [Fashions no NPC] [Buff Pang Editado] [Traduzido p/ BR] [Muitos Eventos]


NW Flyff [Version 15] [Low Rate Server] [Classic Gameplay] [Exp: x1] [Drop: x1] [Penya: x1] [129 Max Level ] [2nd Job Only] [No Bias] [No Over-rated Items] [No Donate Items] [Negative Awake Activated] [Level Down System]

Nightmare-Fly V19 International Low Rate Server

Rates Exp:90 Drop:15 Penya:100 New Guild siege System/Guild Buff/Lord Bank/Daily Quest/ World Events/Event Monster/New Dungeons All Dungeons reworked/Drop Log/Soon Mount System/ International Lowrate/ New Currencys / Custom Content and much more join us now.


Looking for a new server to play? Then frhionnahflyff is here what are you looking for mid rate costume interface no pay to win system all items huntable (Even Donate Item) 24/7 uptime 24/7 support system active staff\'s balance all class with costume fashion and lot more farming and skill development game^^ Intereste: Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups322608354771484 Or go to our Official webpage See yah in-game ^^

League of Flyff [ Low Rates ]

League of Flyff v19 Rates: Exp:30x Drop:10x Penya:Custom - New Cool Job Animations!. Daily Events. No Donate Items. No Edited Items. No Bias. No OP Items. Positive and Negative Awakes. 100% Filipino Server! 24/7 Online! Come and Join us Now!

Dope Flyff [Free GM characters]

Fly For Fun private server with FREE GM CHARACTERS. Test builds here before going into official servers. Have fun creating item with /createitem command, get gold with /getgold command and many more! Join us now and experience it yourself!

Global Flyff ~ MID RATES

-Best v15 Private server -Max level 150 -custom title -balance pvp -item rare (chance to items with rare,epic and godly stats) -aura bead glow changer -player name color -looter pet glow changer -guild buff (need lvl 20 guild and up to buff) -pet filter -world boss -1x guildsiege per day (10rc per kill) -ffa match every 3 hours -custom pvp match -upgrade piece card chance -wiki items -item link on chat -dungeon cooldown info -model change

Astrid Flyff v15 with v19 features

Astrid Flyff v15 with v19 features will keep you playing till you drop! have fun with us and the find the family ingame you are looking for!


Mio Flyff[High Rate Server] [Friendly Staffs][Exp: x9999] [Drop : Custom] [Penya : Custom] [Max Level : 175] [Many Custom Items][Secured and 100% No Cheat] Join and Register now to experience the excitement at Miro Flyff.

Aura FlyFF v2

AuraFlyFF v2 is online! We offer 50x EXP 100x PENYA and custom Drop system. Changed Weapon/Skill/Set effects, Auto Target System, Tabbed Inventory, Advanced WorldBoss System, Boss Tokens, PlayTime Bonus, Advanced Jewel/Piercing removal, Advanced Tamer Mistake, Lord Bank, and many many more. But the most important is that we listen to our community to make the best server!

Flyff Awaken - Version 15

Server Rates: Exp - x2500 Drop - x500 Gold - x500 Features: Voting System Reward System Cash System Old school Flyff - Parang PH Scroll of Transfer Awake Custom Armor and Weapon Set Custom Wing Masks Manual change job quests Buff Pang Teleport Pet with item filter Red Chips Premium Shop

Mushmoot Flyff

We are back, stronger than ever before! With our NEW AND CUSTOM MOUNT SYSTEM we will give you an improved Flyff experience! We offer a lot of custom content; maps, weapons, jewelry and more! With weekly updates and as a growing server, we welcome you with open arms to come and join us today!

Tales of Mythia

[Rates: Exp: 5000x, Drop: 250x, Penya: 1000x][Daily Siege][Rebirth][High Custom Awakes][Custom Buffpang][All CS drops][AllPrem In NPC][Armor/Weaps in NPC][Custom Events][Custom Maps][Custom Arena][Always Updating][Adv. Petfilter][OneClickJobs][Guild & Player Color System][Level Rewards][Online Time Rewards][Join Today!!!!]


Full GW Server old School neues Interface

Exile FlyFF Private Server

Exile FlyFF will be opening in a few weeks. We are preparing to launch a beta but only for a selected amount of people. We won\'t go into full detail about the server yet because there are probably a lot of changes coming. If you would like to become a tester, please visit our website for our email. Server will run on a good dedicated server, 99.99% bug-free server, professional support system and ofcourse great features that we\'ll tell you about soon!

Air Flyff Latino [v15]

Nuevo Servidor traducido para Latino America, GMs activos de habla Hispana. Contiene la v15 con nuevos sistemas y caracteristicas personalizadas. All Rates x10 - PetFilter - AutoJob - Max Nivel 129.

Phoenix Flyff

Are you looking for a good ang stable flyff private server? Phoenix Flyff -Server Features Fresh Started on [May 26, 2017] - Lvl 150 Max - Balance PvP -Custome items And Many More !!!!

Blazing Flyff

New Custom Flyff V19 Server See you ingame...

Supreme Flyff

Supreme Flyff NEW and FRESH Server - FLYFF V20, Cartoon Graphics!, 5x Awakes, No Donate Awakes, All Items are Farm/Obtain Ingame!, Lots of Endgame Item, Weapons, Armor Options [Farm or RC in NPC], Every 3hrs Deathmatch and GS, Red Chips Droppable in Tresia, Giants Random Drop System Including Custom Items, Weekly Events, Supportive, Friendly and Active Staffs. Join Us Now!

Power flyff v19 2016

Power flyff v19 is a server with high rates.Exp: 2000x, Drop: 1000x, Penya: 500x. Teleport System, New Weapons, No Delay, 24/7suport. Join now in our great comunity and you will have fun.


Hellmaine-Flyff: Is Not Offering Fancy Items! RATES:|•Exp:150•|•Drop:50•|•Penya:50•|•Balance Gaming•|•FRESH SERVER•|• •24/7 Server Online•|•Active Community•|•Active Admin\'s 16/7•|•No Bia\'s•|•NO-IMBA AWAKE\'S•| |•DONATE ITEMS CAN BE AVAIL AT NPC\'S•|•Donate Blue Chip\'s Are Huntable•|•Roullete System|•101% Secured Server No Wipe|•And MORE! - What are you waiting for?

Vengeance FlyFF - Low Rate

Vengeance Flyff is a balanced server that provides a v20 experience, Challenging dungeons and GW every 4 hours. We bring Equality to all Players,classes both PVE and PVP. Server\'s mission is to provide quality and fair gaming to all players who joins the community. Server Rate : 10x EXP 10x PENYA 10x DROP


Mio Flyff[Midrate Server] [Friendly Staffs][Exp: x500] [Drop : x50] [Penya : x20] [Max Level : 150] [Many Custom Items][Secured and 100% No Cheat] Join and Register now to experience the excitement at Mio Flyff.

Flyff Revinia

Personnalisé Impressionnant Flyff Pserver, de bons taux, baisse, le personnel gentil et actif, changement de modèle, le changement de préchauffage, le système de téléportation, ajoutez votre serveur maintenant