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  • InsanityFlyFF Cflyff Content

    InsanityFlyFF offers you the chance to join a community with over 1000 players online daily. The players are are crazy, they like pvp, hanging out in arena, making staff crazy every day and other kind of crazy stuff. Join us now o_O.

  • IN: 645 1 OUT: 422

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server



  • IN: 492 2 OUT: 178

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server


    MagmaFlyFF is both the continuation and the spiritual successor to the wildly popular MonsterFlyFF server with the acquisition and merger of AetherFlyFF. Boasting staff with over 10 years of combined experience, MagmaFlyFF constantly innovates to tackle FlyFF where its the weakest. By providing quality, attentive community and development services, MagmaFlyFF aims to create a classic experience for FlyFF. MagmaFlyFF offers no ridiculous stats, overpowered donation items or lackluster patches. Instead, we provide a constant stream of content which continues to grow at a steady, enjoyable pace.

  • IN: 488 3 OUT: 165

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Forsaken FlyFF - Deutschlands #1

    [Der erfolgreichste, deutsche P-Server!] [Mehr als 500 Spieler jeden Tag online!] [Custom Dungeons und einzigartige Inhalte] [Regelmäßige Updates] [Kein Pay-to-Win!] [Langfristiger Spielspaß garaniert!] [Jetzt mitspielen!]

  • IN: 368 4 OUT: 206

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Dream Flyff [4th Job Borns]

    [4th Jobs with New SKills][/Awakening Command][High Rates Server][Working Colosseum][Fashion Combine][Baruna System] [Death Match System] [Automatic Quest][Rates:5k All][Max awake:400][Every 2 hours Guildsiege][User teleporter Hotkey V][Greens,Weapons and Premiums in NPC]What are you waiting for? Join Now!!

  • IN: 334 5 OUT: 187

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Lunaria Flyff - Server Restart 31st of July 2015

    [SERVER RESTART 07/31/2015] Features: [Mid Rate Server] [Beginner System to get a good Starter Equipment] [New Platin System] [Sphere Grid] [Passive Skills] [Burnout] [Royal Rumble] [Create your own map with housing] [Level Up Rewards] [Frequent Updates and regular Patches] [Item Wiki] [Model Viewer] [Petfilter with White- and Blacklist] [Party Finder showing active Skills] Join the fun and become a part of our fast-growing community!

  • IN: 322 6 OUT: 70

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Floral Flyff - Deutschlands Top Server - 500 Spieler Täglich Online

    Floral Flyff ist ein Deutscher Highrate Server mit einer Großen Community, Täglichen Events, Eigenen Systemen & exzellenten Support. Schaut Vorbei!

  • IN: 273 7 OUT: 158

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Mazey Flyff

    [Rates:9999 All][Balanced Classes][Max Level:175][Fashion Hide][Colosseum][Red Perin System][Revised Private Shops][Arena Scoreboard][Custom PvP Games][Fashion Combine][Item Linking][Max Awake:300][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Guild Siege Every 2 hours][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Useful Items Instores] So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

  • IN: 234 8 OUT: 85

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Prologic Flyff

    [MID RATES] -[ 50x EXP - 30x DROP - 100x PENYA] [ 24/7 Online & Support - No Lag - Full working features - Maxed Buffer Pang - Cash Shop NPC - PetFilter - Custom Items - VIP WITH command /AWAKE - GlowChange - FFA MODE - VERSION 19 FEATURES - Custom Map - Max Level 150 - [Global start 01-june-2015 ] - [Join us Now!]

  • IN: 226 9 OUT: 166

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Crystal FlyFF [ Challenge Gaming ]

    [Welcome to Crystal FLYFF v19][v15 Inferface] [Dedicated Server][Challenge Gaming ]Active Staffs [x3000 Exp, x3000 Penya, x3000 Drop] Balance Server, All Donates Item in NPC Shop, New Character Animation,Glowing, Night & Day System, Fashion Combine,Colesseum System , New Features, Growing Server, and More! Come and Join us ! Many Players Waiting For you !

  • IN: 211 10 OUT: 116

    Flyff Private Server

    Devesty FlyFF

    Devesty Flyff is a low rate server with custom leveling areas, custom dungeons, a friendly community and active staff. Currently you can enjoy Free for All player siege and Guild Siege twice a day as well as gain prizes in our Colosseum. We have a customized Master and Hero system. Current max level: 170

  • IN: 195 11 OUT: 42

    Fly For Sky

    A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation/donation shop, everyone is equal. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom PvP matches, like CTF and Tower Defense. Custom Worlds. Glow Changer. Custom Quests. CS Seller sells Pick-up pets, CS Sets, and more. You could go to another server where they will nickle and dime you for Fashion sets, or you could come here. You will not regret joining.

  • IN: 173 12 OUT: 178

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Mitshi Flyff v18

    Hello! Greetings of peace! I would like to invite you to join Mitshi Flyff as the game would be extremely FUN and BALANCED that other server could not provide and you would not regret and would surely enjoy once you start playing in-game. We do not tolerate donate imbalance items nor custom awakes as it will violate our purpose. Midrate: [Exp 5000x][Drop3000x][Penya 3000x] This is 100% GUARANTEED balanced all class server and will provide you a great PVP experience. There is no HARM in trying! What are you waiting for? Growing Community. Many players are waiting for you. See you!

  • IN: 172 13 OUT: 189

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    Helix Flyff v19

    A new aspiring low rate server featuring customized v19 and gameplay. We feature new systems, balance and server stability. Come join the fun! Rates are [ 10x EXP | 5x DROP | 20x PENYA]

  • IN: 162 14 OUT: 47

    Platinumflyff v19 - [MIDRATE Server]


  • IN: 159 15 OUT: 54

    Flyff Private Server

    Library of Wonderland Hardcore Flyff Server

    Now Online!! Rates EXP x50, PENYA x50, DROP x50 + Hardcore System! Hardcore Rates: EXP x5, PENYA x100, DROP x100

  • IN: 150 16 OUT: 57

    Flyff Private Server
    Flyff Private Server

    FlyForHero - Resurgence

    FlyForHero is the longest concurrently run FlyFF Private Server in existence, first launching in 2008. Our aim is to provide the best FlyFF experience possible. With a team of developers and staff, we strive to implement custom and refreshingly new systems to complement the wonderful world of Flyff. FlyForHero is a mid rate server, some features: V6 PK AND V6 Skill EXP system, Fishing system, Advanced raise pet system - evolve your pets into a new species, PvP tournament system every 2 hours and Saleron PvP when 12 people are queued. Unique Glow System and more!

  • IN: 50 17 OUT: 10

    LatinFlyff Siege Diaria - LvL Max 175 - Español

    [Exp: x100 - Drop: Personalizado - Penya: x1000], Clases Mejoradas, Awakes 100% positivos sin espera, sistema de 5 rebirth, sistema de combinación de Fashion seguro, Armas Custom, NPC Premium, [SIEGE DIARIA], Pvp balanceado, Staff amigable y comprometido, Servidor ESTABLE, mantenciones Programadas, Ven y Unete a LatinFlyff...

  • IN: 50 18 OUT: 308

    Shining Nation

    Pycckuu npuBaTHbIu cepBep FlyFF. noJlHbiu nepeBog. nogapku 3a level, 3a online, 3a cogeucTBue. 6aJlaHc PVP. 3augu He o6Jlomauc9.

  • IN: 32 19 OUT: 36

    Gods FlyForFun v19

    Hello we are inviting you to GodsFlyFF v19 with Fully fixed v19 Interface, 9999EXP, 3000DROP, 3000Penya, 200 Level Cap, 5 Max rebirth, and Loyal and Cute players, Balance and Fair gameplay with Friendly Staffs! One of the unique flyff server in the world xD, Daily events... So what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!

  • IN: 26 20 OUT: 33

    FlyffPH Gold

    A new server that f4s migrated to. Instant 150 Level. Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds), Guild Siege for low class type. Death Match War 2 sessions a day, Dota2 model, Perin Converter, Fast Awakening, Teleporting System, Glow Changer, Advanced Transfer Awakes. Fixed awakening like Str+511, Dex+511 and many more. You can get these items by vPoints. Join us Now!

  • IN: 25 21 OUT: 17

    Flyffnitak Gold

    NO WIPE OUT SINCE 2008 [Level Cap 198] [No negative awake] [Muran Weps, Ancient Weps, Vampire Weps and Accessories are droppable] [Multi-Siege(Auto)] [Blade Battle] [3rd Job] [Colosseum] [Sword of War PvP] [Death Match PvP] [Pick-up Pet Filter] [Client Support System] Join Us!

  • IN: 23 22 OUT: 51

    Vengeance FlyFF

    Vengeance FlyFF is a server that wants to bring back the magic on where FlyFF is at its peak. It is strategically planned and focuses on various aspects on the game. The servers aims to provide quality gaming to every player who joins the community. Join now and Experience Flyff at its best!

  • IN: 20 23 OUT: 29

    Forgotten Paradise [Beta]

    [V19][Beta][Auktionshaus][Lottery][Custom Maps][Custom Models][V15 Interface][User Panel][Petfilter][Old/New Glow][Deutsch/Englisch][PvP Matches][Platin Level][And More]

  • IN: 19 24 OUT: 9

    Flyff Brazuca

    [Exp: 150x / Drop: 70x / Penya: 500x] [Max Level 150] [v16 + v17 Itens e Mapas] [Armas Lvl 135+] [Refinar/Perfurar +Fácil] [24/7 Servidor Dedicado Sem Lag] [NPC Troca de Classe] [Guild Sieges] [Fashions no NPC] [Buff Pang Editado] [Traduzido p/ BR] [Muitos Eventos]

  • IN: 17 25 OUT: 14

    Shades- Revenge

    Deutscher Low- Rate Server [30x EXP, 30x Drop, Max Level 180][Awas direkt beim droppen!][Ingame Item Viewer][Neue Monster Spawns][Neues Darkon /Khaldera][Keine Cashshop Welten][wachsende Community] [Pet Filter] [Glow Change] [Party Finder] [Gilden Farben

  • IN: 14 26 OUT: 44

    Galaxy Flyff [International High Rate Fun Server]

    Fast Client Download 400MB Only,Fresh Server, 99 Perins Voting Rewards,Hi Stated Free Weapons+400 to 500 STATS, Balance Hi Rate Awakes, Fashions etc at NPC, All Items can be hunt, High Awakes, High EXP rates, Fashion Combine System, Auto Convert Penya to Perin, Transfer Awake System, Auto Job No need NPC Quest, Start your new Journey, Be one of us, Join us now!

  • IN: 11 27 OUT: 16

    Aqua Flyff » Flyff Farm & Guild Siege

    [Lowrate] [Rates: Exp 75, Drop 50, Penya 125] [New PvP matches] [New PvE modes] [Epic features] [Act II] [High qualitatively and stability]

  • IN: 8 28 OUT: 379

    DragonCross - German V20 Pserver

    Wir bieten Euch eine echte 4. Jobklasse mit benutzerdefinierten Skills, viele eigene Systeme, gefixte Partyskills beim Joinen einer Party werden die Skills auch angezeigt, schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!

  • IN: 6 29 OUT: 12


    High Rates Balance Server! Exp: x5000 Penya: x9999 Drop: x9999 The Celestial Flyff Server does not offer fancy custom Fashions,Weapons Ridiculous Stats, fairness, stability and features. All donate items on NPC and Huntable . [Guild Siege Every 2 hours] Join NOW!

  • IN: 5 30 OUT: 12

    Mushmoot Flyff

    Mushmoot flyff is a balanced and fun server, with friendly staff and players! Balanced gameplay, 1000x Exp, 500x Drop and 1200x Penya. Running 24/7, 99,99% uptime with weekly updates and maintenances. We have a lot of custom stuff, and Mushmoot NPC shop. Come and experience the custom Areas and special weapon collection! What are you waiting for? Register, download and play!

  • IN: 5 31 OUT: 113

    Dope Flyff [HIGH RATE SERVER]

    HIGH RATE SERVER XP 9999 DROP 9999 PENYA 9999. 3 currency All new Chaos skills! New Farming Maps New structure Glyph for every Class JOIN NOW AND EXPERIENCE A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF FLYFF

  • IN: 5 32 OUT: 41

    Fly For Celestia

    Mid Rates Balance Server! Exp: x9999 Penya: x9999 Drop: x9999 The Celestial Flyff Server does not offer fancy custom Fashions,Weapons Ridiculous Stats, Overpowered Donation items. Instead Empericus focuses heavily on game balance, fairness, stability and features. Every 30 minutes Siege! [ALOT OF PVP MINI-GAMES] [ACTIVE COMMUNITY] [MOST FASHION NPC] [MOST PETS, CS, SCROLLS, at npc] [Rebirth x5] [Max lvl 200] [Fashion Hide][Colosseum][Arena Scoreboard][Fashion Combine][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Useful Items Instores/Giant Monsters][/itemlist]

  • IN: 4 33 OUT: 20

    Power Flyff v19 2015

    Power flyff v19 is new server with high rates.EXP:2000X,DROP:1000X,PENYA:500X.Teleport System,New Weapons,No Delay,24/7suport.Join now in our great comunity and you will have fun.

  • IN: 3 34 OUT: 11

    ShadowFlyFF V19 Born from the Shadows of Democracy WE RISE AGAIN

    In-Game Voting & Donating Shop, Non Pay to Win, Friendly Community, PLAYER DRIVEN, Arena Scoreboard System With Rewards, Pet Filter, Perin Inventory/Vending system, Guild Siege Every 3 Hours, Custom Chip Function for 150+ Gear (PvE and PvP), Great Custom Shopping Centre in Market Place, WEEKLY UPDATES - JOIN TODAY

  • IN: 3 35 OUT: 2

    Justice v2 (v19 server fun)

    Justice v2 it\'s a french server, become english and german soon ! Justice V2 is full V19 ! (New System) Prestige system (Exp infinity) | New Pet All stat (Frost) | New Set (Shadow : lv 185 / Millenium : Lv 200) | New Fash aviable (Vpoint / Jpoint / Jeton Rouge / Events) | Lot\'s for new map (Flarine / Guild War/ PvP) | New zone system (Island Running overbike / Beret Vert / War PvE / Etc ...) | Rates : EXP 350x / Drop : 250x / Penya 500x | A Present and active STAFF, especially in your listening InGame as on TeamSpeak! | | For more information, joined we on Justice Te

  • IN: 3 36 OUT: 10


    Full v17 Server - PVP Funserver - Fully functional Colosseum - Burnout System - new PvP System - Baruna Upgrading - Bounty System - Pet Filter - Shopping Cart System - new fast Jobchanges - 3rd Jobs with working Skills - Country Flags - new Maps - new Monsters - Join us! DAMNED

  • IN: 2 37 OUT: 16

    FlyFFRevolution V17 50000x

    [Fully working 3rd Jobs][5000x EXP, 2500x DROPS, 50000x PENYA] [ItakProtected][Easy penya and items][Cheap donates][Active Staffs][Fixed Awakening Scroll in NPC][Customized Weapons in NPC][Everyday events and GS][Super customized Server][400 Min/Max Awakes]

  • IN: 2 38 OUT: 11

    PivoFlyff v15

    [v15][Stable Server][English and German][Rarity System][Old PK System] [Old FlyForFaint!!] [Rates 10x,15x,Custom][AND MUCH MORE, COME JOIN US!]

  • IN: 2 39 OUT: 21

    Frost Flyff

    Frost Flyff Server version 20 | Exp 1000x -Drop 1000x -Penya 1000x | PvP Systems integrated | all time Support Team | New pet system | New Items | Max level 175 | Summer Multy Events | Join Now

  • IN: 1 40 OUT: 26

    FlyFF Guru

    [Max Level 200 v19 edited custom Server] [+75000 PLAYERS!!!] [Custom Awake System - NO NEGATIVE AWAKES!!!] [Fully Working v17 Files] [Custom Weapons and Sets

  • IN: 1 41 OUT: 2

    Legendary Flyff Root Sponsor Gesucht

    Root Sponsor Gesucht für v19 Mid rate Root Sponsor Bekommt Donates + Co Admin

  • IN: 1 42 OUT: 13

    Awesome Flyff

    Not pay to win Awesome Sauce Flyff is a newly created server, made for the sole purpose of providing top quality Flyff game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the Flyff private server community. Rewards for reaching certain levels, Custom PvP systems, Active community with many players, Auto Skill Levelling, Instant Awake/Upgrading systems, Floating Wing Masks, Custom Aura System with adjustable glow style and changeable colours, Custom Quests, Custom Fashions, Chinese FlyForFun content and much much more !

  • IN: 1 43 OUT: 15

    Fly For Fight - V15 Based [Fresh Start]

    FlyForFight is a low rate v15 server aiming to provide you the best of both PVE & PVP. Join us in our new server full of customised goods such as; V6 PK System FFA every 6 hours where you have chance to win Dcoins, PVE Colosseum, Siege with 20 lives and better rewards, Clockworks endgame boss and much more!

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