Dragonica Online Private Servers

List of the most popular Dragonica Online private servers.

Dragonica Shiva

Hello everyone, we propose you try to play on our Dragonica server. Why would you like to play on our server? That\'s because we love Dragonica, challenges and self-improvement. If you have already played in Dragonica you may know how it\'s boring grind f7 for level ups. You will not be bored here, because we are developing a new system exp. You\'ll get additional exp in mission maps and so you\'ll forget about the boring grind. You will find helpful starter kit, communicative help from GM\'s and more. Also, we actively do events with great rewards. Our team is planning to add new mission maps

Lost Dragonica

Chapter 1 Maps, dungeons, chaos world and more

Dragonica Online

New Server - Free Cash - Login Gold - Exp x25 - Gold x15 - Drop x10 - Chapter 5 - Elga - Max Lv.85 - Enchant +31, - No Enchant Rollback - No Critical Damage Cap - No Evade Cap - Battle Square - Abyss Arena - Emporia - Cherry Blossom - Cookie Factory - Galaxy Dungeon - Metro City - & More!

Dragon Crusade Bullshit Server

Dragon Crusade rest in pieces

Epic Dragonica

Welcome to Epic Dragonica! Join our Game And Have Fun Exploring A Whole New World of Imagination, Expression, and Creativeness, Experiencing all of our New, Custom, and Unique Features with Active Staff!


Dgn-Saga Exp x15 Drop x10 Gold x10 Chapter 4 [Custom Dungeon] [Pure Crit Cs Items] [Custom Equip] [Cash in F7 Mode] [Cash in Bsq] [Friendly Community] [Custom Events] [SkyGarden] [No CDMG/Evade/Crit Cap]