Dragonica Online Private Servers

List of the most popular Dragonica Online private servers.

Fantasy Dragonica

Fantasy Dragonica-EXP 55X GOLD 30X DROP 20X. With latest RO and Legendary update.

Dragon Crusade is back

Dragon Crusade is back

Dragonica Online

New Server - Free Cash - Login Gold - Exp x25 - Gold x15 - Drop x10 - Chapter 5 - Elga - Max Lv.85 - Enchant +31, - No Enchant Rollback - No Critical Damage Cap - No Evade Cap - Battle Square - Abyss Arena - Emporia - Cherry Blossom - Cookie Factory - Galaxy Dungeon - Metro City - & More!


Dgn-Saga Exp x15 Drop x10 Gold x10 Chapter 4 [Custom Dungeon] [Pure Crit Cs Items] [Custom Equip] [Cash in F7 Mode] [Cash in Bsq] [Friendly Community] [Custom Events] [SkyGarden] [No CDMG/Evade/Crit Cap]

Lost Dragonica

EXP x7 - Gold x7 - Drop x7 - Custom Maps and other things