Cabal neXus EP9 f15


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Location Canada
Posted By JohnRuss Alejandro


Looking for newly opened CABAL private server?
Come and Join us. 

Server Information:
~Exp: 800x
~Skill: 1000x
~Craft: 50x
~Item Drop: 250x
~AP: 20x
~Drop Rate: 40x
~Pet Exp: 300x
~WExp: 5x
-----Ingame Info-----
~Max Level: 200
~Starting Items: Osmium + 10 with good options.
~Starting Level: 100
~Starting Class Rank: 14
~Starting Honor Rank: 12
~Free Combo & BM3 Skill Book With Aura Transmuter
~Customize BSLV made easily to finish
~Hardcore Channel with unlimited mobs in the following map ( Bloody Ice / Green Despair / Desert Scream)
~New Transcender buffs for all class
~New Maps: Abandoned City / Soccer Field / Forest of Nostalgia
~Nation War Schedule: 12 - 3 - 6 - 9 AM / PM
~Nation War Winner will get: 600 wexp + 300 wexp potion of courage
~Saint Force Calibur Event
~Stable Internet Connection
~Friendly Staff's & Admin's
~Newly Released Launcher
~T-Point System
~Customized T-Point Shop
~Daily Events
-----WEB Info-----
~Server Optimized
~Web Anti DDoS
~Anti Cheat
~Auto Update Launcher
~Anti Crash
~3 Layer Server Protection
~Cool Web Features 

~Facebook Group:
~Facebook Page:

-[ADM].Cheese - Arum-Poison Team

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