Cabal Online Private Servers in Indonesia

Top 100 Cabal Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in Indonesia

Cabal Glory of War

Best antihack MShield, Episode 8 original With feature episode 16, New all skill EP16 SKILLS, PVP ARENA EXP x150 DROP x2 ,2000 Bonus Stat Auto Class Rank 12 Max Level 190, Maps up to Senillinea, A lot of custom items


24/7 online staffNEW DUNGEON ABANDON CITY EOD B3FNew Armor OrihalconNew Skill EP 10New Synergy BM3New Costume Weapon HellForGodNew Costume Suit Summer CostumeNew Item Tempus RingsNew Pet SkeletonClaris,MayNew Armor [orihalcon]New PW4 bike

Cabal Brother

Pure and Play 2 Win server all about farming ,