Battle of the Immortals Private Servers

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[Orizon-Gaming][Battle of the Immortals]

[Odins Wrath Expansion][6 Classes][LVL 150-ex100 Cap][Good Starter Pack][BOI Retail Storyline/Gear up System][High Rate][Weekly Updates][Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers][Open World PVP-Territory Wars][24/7 Support][No Lag][No Downtime][Join now and discover much more]

Boi Trinity

free market, fast leveling, kind community, active friendly GMs ,custom bosses, 300+ online players all the time , all events working , e45 and e60 gears maps bosses join now!

CyberWarsX BOI

Custom Odin type BOI: - Changed cosmos- e45 SG - unique system for catching up to the top power players - new boss every hour and more