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Hey everybody! We\'re glad to present first private server - Allods Online 5.0.1! Do you want to know more? Server rates: - Experience by killed monsters x25 - Experience by finished quests x10 - Reputation rate x5 Server features: - A lot of free items in Itemmall. - Almost 10x cheaper donate. - Regular updates. - Support is on a very high level, so your in-game problems will be solved quite fast. - Fast fixes of any found bugs. - High performance server - you will play without friezes and lags. Game features: - The top level - 60. - New class - Engineer. - New battle ground

Allods Sky

Allods Online 1.1 free server

Allods Eternity - Serveur FR

De nombreux items sont gratuits et les runes sont accessibles, nous avons révisé le taux de loot des items CS. La S1 et le royaume des éléments ont été revus ! Du 27/11 au 11/12 nous offrirons un Megapack gaming (clavier + souris, etc) à un joueur.

Stolen World

Hi All! Welcome To The New Private Server Stolen World 4.0 Server rates: Mob Experience Rate x15; Quest Experience Rate x7; Reputation Rate x10; Zone Drop Rate x2. OBT Server is Started!!!


Hey guys! We\'re glad to present our new private server - Allods Online 6.0.3! Here you can see more information about the new BladeAllods 6.0.3 server: Server rates: Experience x15 Reputation x15 What you get: Good server performance - you wont feel any friezes and lags! A lot of events! The most responsive administration. We will solve your in-game problems quite fast. Constant updates and fastest bug fixes. and the first private Allods 6.0.3 project! MountChopperReferral.png Game concept: After launching, we will update and actualize battleg