Aion Online Private Servers in United States

Top 100 Aion Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in United States


No bugged skills, //add command, 100% siege working (siege pvp portals included), 1v1/FFA, Vote system, Ban system, Working broker/webshop, Working transformation skills/archdaeva, Free pure +25 plumes, Dual race, Donate system (can donate to be a GM) and more!


4.8 version - Regular Stigma system (no full skills), Free +15 Plumes, //add command, Vote system, Donate system, Working Webshop, Freefly addition, Free consumables, max crafting skills, active/friendly staff - Join us now!

Spirit Aion

Spirit Aion Online is an Aion Private Server in the version 3.9 - Have fun on Aion online classic 3.9

Mean's To End You

This teamspeak consist of a community with League Of Legend players , Aion and many more other games. New and friendly community come start up with us! IP: PORT:9987

Frozen Aion Episode 4

Frozen Aion 4.9 Worldwide private server 2016. Rates: Exp 100x, Drop 50x, Quest 30x, Kinah 50x, No lagg, Battle Grounds Events, Active Staff Progressive XP. Come now and join.