Aion Online Private Servers in Philippines

Top 100 Aion Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in Philippines

Aion Leo Echoes of Eternity

Aion Leo 5.0 Echoes of Eternity High Rate Server / Free Arbiter,Proctor Armor and Weapons + Custodian,Shepherd Accessories, Wings Consumables and more / Starting Lvl 75 / Max Lvl 100 / Daily Events / Beritra Invasions / Agents Fight / Sieges / PVP all Day / PH Server

Aion Leo

Instant Max Lvl/All Skill System /CustodianEmissaryShepherdAmbassadors Divine Starter Gear+Wings of the Circle 2 /Beritra Invasion Drops/All Items can be bought retail-like with retail-price/Active and Friendly Staffs with Daily Events and More