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Though it is categorised as an MMO, Agario will give you the feel of those arcade games that our parents used to play on a family computer game. And that is not a bad thing. You’ll enter the game as a small microscopic cell. The objective of the game is to eat the smaller cell in order for you to grow big. You have to avoid the bigger organism in order for you to survive longer in the game. The thing that makes the game exciting is that the other organisms that you are eating are actually real players. You will find this game very challenging as the game is always swarmed with different kind

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The goal of the game is to grow a cell by eating both randomly generated pellets, which slightly increase a cell\'s mass, and smaller cells without being eaten by larger cells. players dies when all of their cells are eaten by another player. Viruses split cells larger than them into many pieces and smaller cells can hide underneath a virus for protection against larger cells. We have exclusives Skins, leveling systems and gamemodes.

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Agario is one of the most popular games on the internet. It has a huge player base, and most of the players play the game for fun and passing the time.