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  • Vision Ran Online EPX

    4 Class 7 - 207 skills (Unlocked All) Skill Effects (Anti Pots,Debuff,Silence,Hp cut & Etc) Balanced All class Based Build Server Combo based Server Pots Based Max level 250 Max Upgrade +15 Active Admins Daily Events Unli Mobs Upgrade Announcer Targe

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  • Perfect World Storm

    Perfect World Storm

    Perfect World Storm is a 153 server - Server timezone is USA - EXP and SP rate is x500 - Fast Leveling - Same gender marriage available - Plenty of events - Custom gear - titles - fashion - pets - genies plus much more - PwStorm Devs have 5 years of

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  • MapleToast


    MapleToast is a v83 high-rate server. Our server rates are 500x/1337x/2x. We believe in providing a high-quality server that is entertaining and fun, together with a group of professional staff and a socially active community. MapleToast focuses on d

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  • Nymph Flyff Old School

    Tired of Imba servers? Always wanting to play an old style flyff server? Then Come and joins us! This server is a mixture of fun and adventure ! All job are balance! No imba awakes! No pay to win! Good items are available at npc's What are yo

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  • IDM Lineage2

    IDM Lineage2

    2 Mundos, 20x e 100x no custom, full retail

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  • Aincrad

    Aincrad-ro open Beta Ramod,harmony,items Custom MidRate 255/120 10k/10/10k Info web

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  • Chiccos 434 Blizzlike WoW Server

    Chicco's 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server.

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  • Mu Triforce Server

    AngelsMu Season 9 Full, x50/x40/x30, Great drops, Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets, Spots on minimap, Players Market on website, Grand reset, Vote rewards

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  • SkYRiX Online 90Cap CH Job Based Unique Shadow Excusive Silk,P,H Play2Win New Update

    Level cap 90 •Races Chinese •Races Mastery 300 •Fortresses Hotan - consta •Guild limit 32 •Union limit 2 •Battle arena Enabled •CTF Disabled •Magic POP Disabled •Silk per hour 1 silk per hour No LVL required •Sox Type 9D Star & Mo

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  • Rituals and Ruins

    Rituals and Ruins

    Where Magic overcomes all. Come join us in an Adventure, with Mythical Creatures to Aid you in your Daily doings. Explore the World of Oberon where many Mysteries await you.

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  • RemixMu

    Season 6 Episode 3,Exp-Max,Drop-Max,PPL-15,Max Stats-32767,Res from 400lvl,New Server Fresh DB,Long Term,In shops all jewels,3rd quest,3rd wings,New items,sets,wings,weapons

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  • L2Demente

    Custom PvP Server

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  • L2 Valakas

    L2 Valakas

    ¡Características L2 VALAKAS SERVER! -Servidor de Habla Hispana. -Free to play -Todos los Rates X1 (Experiencia 100% Oficial). - Eventos cada 2 semanas -Hasta 3 cuentas simultaneas por IP de forma gratuita. -Trade / Craft OFFLINE implementado de f

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  • Shadowburn World of Warcraft 335a

    Shadowburn World of Warcraft 335a

    [335a Patch] [Blizzlike Realm 5x] [Played Time Rewards] [Fully Scripted BGs] [Scripted Dungeons and Raids] [Pathfinding] [DDoS Protected] [Daily Updates] [Anti-Cheat] [24/7 Online] [No-Lag] [Fresh Realm] [Join Now][Professional Developers]

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  • Armagedon WoW Vanilla High Rate

    Armagedon WoW Vanilla High Rate

    Specification game server: *Emulator: Nostalrius/Elysium Core *Patch: / Vanilla / Classic *Rates: EXP: x12 Money: x5 Honor: x2 Reputation x2

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  • LegionsRO

    Exp: x30 Job: x30 Drop: x30 Level: 99/70 Transcent Job Hourly TCG Ticket[Vending Off] Prontera Vending Area Only Nameless Episode Guild Package Woe Activate Custom TCG NPC No Bias GM No Dual Login

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  • Defqon-Project WoW

    World of Warcraft 3.3.5a WotLK server. Custom bosses, raids, gear, instances, and more! Friendly and active staff! Active community! Fast support! Great in-game experience!

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  • BOOM Ran Online

    BOOM Ran Online

    Website: Page: Group: ?BOOM Ran Online? For Laptop and Desktop only. ????FEATURES???? ? Open All Map (Level Required) ? Sphere 1-1

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    COME JOIN US RF GAMESHARK RPG 55 HackShield Rusia EVENT CBT Got Bug In Game 50.000CP Gift On OBT First CB Mendapatkan Uang Tunai Rp 500.000

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  • Strike Ran Online

    Strike Ran Online

    Server Features: - Classic 4 Class - Starting Level 1 Cap Level 175 - Max Skill 157 - Max Upgrade +9 - Low Server Rates : x5Exp / x3Money / x3Drop - Quest Based System Boss Hunting System Party Leveling System Well Optimized Game Security With Unique

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  • ZeusMU Season6 Episodio3

    Servidor Online recien inagurado, con experiencia de 300x Drop 30% Server PVP y Server VIP Shop Basicos Spots Basicos Sin donaciones full

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  • Deus-Wow

    Un Servidor Privado con una ideología diferente, otro punto de vista, en el cual nos sumergimos en un mundo tanto PvE como PvP para que siempre tengas algo que hacer y disfrutes cada segundo que pasas en nuestra comunidad divirtiéndote, tenemos muc

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  • DarkHorizons

    A Massive multiplayer Strategy sim, set in a universe were Galactic war has torn the worlds, and set them back 100 years,

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  • PlayRO

    Rates: 30/30/15 || Episode-by-Episode Update || Episode 3 Starting EP || Pre-Renewal Mechanics || No Boss & Mini Boss Cards || No Godly Items

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  • MuGalaxy 150%EXP 30%DROP

    MuGalaxy 150%EXP 30%DROP

    Seasom 6 Episodio 3 CUSTOM EVENTS, EXP:150, DROP 30 , MAX STAT 32 K

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  • Vanilla Exuberance

    Vanilla Exuberance

    Are you looking for a blizzlike vanilla server? Well you've found it! [Patch 1.12][Blizzlike 1x][Professional Team][English][1Gbps Connection][24/7 Online][Managed Server][No Lag][Anti-Cheat][DDoS Protection]

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