Facebook Comments Added 21 Feb 2017

Facebook comments have been added to each sitedetails page so that players can review/comment on servers they are playing on.
Make sure your players write a positive review on your server as this will help your server get more players!

We have also made some other minor changes

Pingback Script Updated 03 Dec 2016

We updated the pingback script a few days ago to be more efficient and also so that it works both with $_GET and $_POST methods.

If you have any questions just send us an email!

Best Regards, Gtop100 Admin

Gtop100 and Ipv6 12 Oct 2016 is now Ipv6 compatible.
Pingback script will now return real IPv6 ip-addresses when voters have voted!

New Design Launched! 15 Aug 2016

We have just launched the new design for!

Updated Website Design! 27 Jul 2016


i would like to let you all know that we are soon launching a new updated website design.

This design will be a professional design, i hope you will all enjoy it!

New Voting Rule 19 Jan 2016

On 19th of January Gtop100 will start to allow voters to vote more than once per day.
It will however still be against the rules to use any kind of proxy, vpn or automated voting scripts or any other way that will give you a unfair advantage against others.

If you have any questions

Merry Christmas 24 Dec 2015 wishes you all a merry christmas!

We are also happy to announce that future powerfull anti-cheat updates are coming in use January next year, also a few rule adjustments which i think everyone will like!

More info on this after new year!



Pingback Update 08 Oct 2015

There are a few servers that have had some issues with the pingback script that the pingbacks do not always get sent.
This can happen if for some reason your server is offline or not reachable at the time when the pingback is being sent.

We now store pingbacks that have no

New Update on 2015-09-22 22 Sep 2015

You are now able to enable/disable pingbacks from failed voters on your edit site page.

New updates on 2015-09-03 03 Sep 2015

The proxy detection system has been updated and should now render most proxies useless, we are still working on improving it even more!

We have also added a new "Share On Social Media" function on your sitedetails pages, this will help both your server and gtop100 to grow!<

New Captcha 02 May 2015

Live testing on the new FunCaptcha system which is customized specifically for has now begun.
We have done lots of testing on it and its very easy to solve for humans but almost impossible for bots!

This new Captcha will help the toplist stay clean from au

New updates on 2015-04-04 04 Apr 2015

1. New captcha has been added(Re-captcha).
2. Minecraft votifier has been added for the Minecraft game category.
3. A new test page for testing Minecraft votifier.
4. A new test page for testing Pingback system.
5. Incentive voting system will now also be able to f

Updates on 2015-03-21 21 Mar 2015

Gtop100 has had some significant updates today!


1. Changes to the voting script has been made and voting is now lightning fast!

2. Pingback script has been updated, we had a few site owners that complained that the pingback script did not always get

Pingback users read! 20 Feb 2015

Everyone who uses the pingback system and uses this field:


Yesterdays downtime 23 Jan 2015

Yesterday our main servers hard-drive crashed which has caused some down time, we are very sorry about this!

Everything should be up and running now again!

if you have any concerns or questions dont hesitate to contact us!

New Captcha on gtop100 20 Jan 2015

New Captcha on Gtop100!

Due to the Picatcha captcha service has been discontinued we have changed to Confident Captcha service.

New Gtop100 Updates 02 Nov 2014

New updates on 2014-11-02

Changes to the search option on the website has been made which will bring more traffic to the website and more visitors to your websites!


Minor changes to the contests section.


The top 100 advertising

New Gtop100 Updates 22 Sep 2014

New Updates on 2014-09-22


Contact us button: We have added the ability for you to add a "Contact us" email which will show up on your sitedetails page, this is great if you have no website of your own and are using the gtop100 sitedeta

Voting Code Update 07 Sep 2014

Everybody who is using the old voting links like: please login to your gtop100 account and click on "Manage my sites" and then "edit" your site and copy the new code from that page.

Regards, Gtop100 Admin

Pingback Changes 03 Sep 2014

Since we have moved our site to a new server you need to adjust the "$authorized" ip in order for the pingback system to work.

Please go to and update your script!

Regards, Gtop100 Admin