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Flyff Private Server


Aether Flyff 4th Jobs Coming Soon - New Aura Glow System - 32 New Exclusive Skills - High Rates - Three Sieges Every Week - Colosseum - Transmuting - AFK Vendor System - Upgrading Caps - Party Finder - Kill Stealing Prevention - Pet Filter - Anti Aliasing - Perin Conversion - Professional Staff Management - 39 Plvl Gap - Cross Cluster dPoint Transfer System - Stability - Baruna System - Beginner Items & Fashion - Constant Updates & Events - Bug Tracker - High Speed Enterprise Servers - No Negative Awakenings

Flyff Private Server


Insanity FlyFF - v20 Gold Chinese Content FlyFF Version 20 FlyFF Gold, Full Chinese FlyFF Content,Balanced PVE/PVP, High Rates up to level 300, Over 2000 Players Online Daily,Leveling Gifts, Instant Skills, Instant Unique Awakes, Custom Fun PVP Systems, Instant Upgrade, Floating Wing Masks, Burnout System, Pet System

Flyff Private Server


MagmaFlyff MagmaFlyff is a newly created server, made for the sole purpose of providing top quality Flyff game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the Flyff private server community. The server does not offer fancy custom wings, ridiculous stats, or overpowered donation items. Instead, MagmaFlyff offers a more pure experience, focusing content updates on the areas where Flyff is the weakest, while offering enjoyable new content at a steady pace.

Flyff Private Server


Mazey Flyff [Rates:9999 All][Balanced Classes][Max Level:175][Arena Scoreboard][Fashion Combine][Max Awake:300][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Guild Siege Every 3 hours][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Useful Items Instores] So what are you waiting for? Join Now!


FlyForHero - Max level 300 - 4th Jobs! [HIGH RATE] -[ 5000x EXP - 5000x DROP - 5000x PENYA] [ Exclusive PvP Systems fully automated - 24/7 Uptime & Support - No Lag - Full working features - Maxed Buffer Pang - Cash Shop NPC - Free CS Ingame Voting NPCS - Gift box every 15 Levels - Custom Items - 100 USD worth Bonus Beginner CS - SECRET VERSION 21 FEATURES - Exclusive Dungeons - Extended level LEGEND system - Running for 5 years most STABLE server - Free Change Character Size - [Join us Now!]


Shining Nation Pycckuu npuBaTHbIu cepBep FlyFF. noJlHbiu nepeBog. nogapku 3a level, 3a online, 3a cogeucTBue. 6aJlaHc PVP. 3augu He o6Jlomauc9.

Flyff Private Server


Dope Flyff [HIGH RATES[EVERY HOUR SIEGE] [v17-v19 server with 9999 all rates][Get Rich in no time] [Most items obtainable in game] [Most fashion in npc] [Most pets, cs, scrolls, at npc] [Everyday guild siege] [Perin drops from aibatt] [Active Community] Join now and experience a WHOLE NEW WORLD OF FLYFF!

Flyff Private Server


Fantasy Flyff Most successful, developed, popular Flyff Private Server. Professionally managed, enterprise-level servers. High-rates for speedy leveling to help you become the best! Join now for the best MMORPG gaming experience!

Flyff Private Server


Flux FlyFF - Highrate & Fun! [International FlyFF Server] [V19 & Huge Custom-Content] [Highrate & Fun with 4.000x Rates] [Easy Upgrading & Awakening] [New PvP Systems!] [Donate Items ingame farmable!] [Unique features!] [Much more - visit now!]

Flyff Private Server


Zeta Flyff Latino v19[Rate Exp:10Drop:30 Penya:100][Items de Donacion farmeables[Facil Upgrading y Awaking!] [Sistema de Fashion de Combinacion][No Negative Awakes][Pet Filter][Guild COlor][Staff Activo y Amigable]Que estas esperando para ENTRAR a un server Latino y pasarla Excelente.200User Online diariamente


DragonCross - Deutscher V20 Pserver PvP Matches Capture the Flag, DeathMatch, TowerDefense 4.Jobchange Modelchange für Waffen & CS. Wings Sfx, ViP System, Madrigalgift, Itemcrafting - Treasure - FashionCombi - LinkItem - AwakeningProtect - Burnout - Glowchange - Waffen/Shield Levelsystem - Handydonate

Flyff Private Server


Rebirth of Clockworks - FREE AND AWESOME! Exp: x50, Penya: x20, Drop: x20 - 2 Sieges a day - Fast Client - New systems - Max lvl 160 - Party Finder - Bug tracker - Pet Filter - Anti Aliasing - Extended Penya - Pro Staff - Dungeon timer - Stable - No Overpowered donation items - Custom CS, Weapons, Pets, Maps and SFX! - Starting items - Weekly Updating - Balanced classes. Join now and expierence a better FlyFF gameplay!

Flyff Private Server


Dream Flyff [Place Where Dreams Come True] [/Awakening Command][High Rates Server][Working Colosseum][Fashion Combine][Baruna System] [Death Match System] [Automatic Quest][Rates:5k All][Max awake:400][Every 2 hours Guildsiege][User teleporter Hotkey V][Greens,Weapons and Premiums in NPC]What are you waiting for? Join Now!!

Flyff Private Server


Forsaken FlyFF - Deutschlands No.1 [Der erfolgreichste deutsche Server!] [Mehr als 500 Spieler jeden Tag online!] [Regelmaessige Neuerungen!] [Kein 0815. Einzigarte Inhalte/Systeme!] [Langfristiger Spielspaß]

Flyff Private Server


Exult Flyff - The new generation of Guild Siege! [Guild Siege Server] No Awakenings & No Piercings - A lot of custom Fashion & Cs Pets - Balanced Gameplay - Full Cash Shops - Guild Siege every 30 minutes [Join now!]


Flyffv6 The only version 6 with official files!! Welcome to flyffv6. the ONLY version 6 pserver around the globe. That works with offficial files. everything works 100%!!!! This includes powerdices / skill leveling / minecatchers , old jewelry , and more!!! Lets play oldschool on!


Divine Flyff v19 2013 Divine flyff v19 is new server with high rates.EXP:2000X,DROP:1000X,PENYA:500X.Teleport System,New Weapons,No Delay,24/7suport.Join now in our great comunity and you will have fun.


Galaxy Flyff [International High Rate Fun Server] Fast Client Download 400MB Only,Fresh Server, 99 Perins Voting Rewards,Hi Stated Free Weapons+400 to 500 STATS, Balance Hi Rate Awakes, Fashions etc at NPC, All Items can be hunt, High Awakes, High EXP rates, Fashion Combine System, Auto Convert Penya to Perin, Transfer Awake System, Auto Job No need NPC Quest, Start your new Journey, Be one of us, Join us now!


Floral Flyff [24/7 - HIGH RATE FUN/GW][10.000 EXP, 10.000 DROP, 8.000 PENYA][Modelchange][Prestige System] [PvP Rumble] [Advanced Shop] [PERIN SYSTEM] [Fashion Combine][Own Features!][No Lag][New Weapons][Level Cap 175]


LatinFlyff *Latino - LvL Max 175 con Rebirth* Comunidad Latina [Exp: x100 - Drop: Personalizado - Penya: x1000], Awakes positivos, sistema de rebirth, sistema de combinación de Fashion seguro, Mapas Custom, NPC Premium, Siege Diaria, Pvp balanceado, Servidor ESTABLE mantenciones Programadas, Ven y Unete a LatinFlyff Servidor Latino...

Flyff Private Server


Dark Flyff Version 19 full content, Balanced PVE/PVP, Fast and custom awakes, Fast upgrade, Easy leveling, Donator items for vPoints, Perin and dPerin systems, Item transmutation system, 2H weapon combination system, Dual Yo-Yo, AWESOME items in NPC, Other custom stuff, TWO CUSTOM PVP EVENTS: TOWER DEFENSE AND DEATHMATCH, and more comming soon. And MUCH more... JOIN US!!


Aqua Flyff v19 - Highrate GW Server [24/7][10.000EXP, 10.000Drop, 6.000Penya][Pvp Rumble][Modelchange][Custom Title][Glowchange System] [Partyfinder] [/buff] [Quick Jobchange][Arena Score System][Fashion Combine System][Weapon bis 120-M][Set`s bis 120][FUN! Server][Keine negativ Awakes][New Weapon][Level Cap 175]


Gypsy FlyFF - very High Rates Server [Rates: x9999][Perin and Remantis Drop at Aibatt][Fast Job Change][Level Cap: 175][Auto Skill Max][Every day Events and Guild War][Teleport and PetFilter][Coloseum][/Awakening][Fashion Combine][Day And Night][Perin Converter][High Awakes and Item Effects] and many more So what are you waiting for? Join us Now


Flyff Brazuca [Exp: 150x / Drop: 70x / Penya: 500x] [Max Level 150] [v16 + v17 Itens e Mapas] [Armas Lvl 135+] [Refinar/Perfurar +Fácil] [24/7 Servidor Dedicado Sem Lag] [NPC Troca de Classe] [Guild Sieges] [Fashions no NPC] [Buff Pang Editado] [Traduzido p/ BR] [Muitos Eventos]

Flyff Private Server


Ace FlyFF CFlyFF Content,New Never Before Seen Skills, Playtime Events, Crystal Defenders, Custom Monster AI, New Stat Pets, Juggernaut and Battle Royale Events Join us Now <3


FlyForSiege v18 - No Leveling Required. Instant Max Level, Super Imba Items. All you have to do are Create Character > Select Class > Hunt > Upgrade then join Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds). Life so easy! 300 for Normal Awakening and 250 for Blessing. Check it out!


Flyff Español ProLogic Toda las características de la versión 19 Todas las mazmorras de v18 Darktraseia (129-150) Custom Mandrigal Nuevas zonas para subir de nivel (60-129) Mas de 200 modelos custom de Sets fashion. Mas de 50 monturas custom. Mas de 70 alas custom. Sistema premium integrado. GlowSistem Avanzado con "Live Preview" . Minimapa version 19 Custom arena Nuevo Mapa de comercio Clases balanceadas. Cupon shop RATES: Exp x5, Drop x50, Penya x100


Dragox Fly Neuer Flyff Server, PENYA EXP & DROPP=1500 [Gift System,Glow Change,Petfilter,Teleporter] [Flyff Coupon Shop] [v19 Theme] [Kein lv cap bei Dungeons] [ Farm & GW Server]


Mushmoot Flyff Mushmoot flyff is a balanced and fun server, with friendly staff and players! Balanced gameplay, 1000x Exp, 500x Drop and 1200x Penya. Running 24/7, 99,99% uptime with weekly updates and maintenances. We have a lot of custom stuff, and Mushmoot NPC shop. Come and experience the custom Areas and special weapon collection! What are you waiting for? Register, download and play!


**NEW** HypeFlyff v18 [MidRate/Balance Server] [Mid Rate Server] [/Awake Command][EXP:1000 DROP:1000 PENYA:2000] [Level Cap:170][Model Change] [Stable Server-99% Uptime!!] [Cheap Donations] [Quick Job Change] [Huntable Donate Items] [Balanced PvP] [Glow Change] [Fashion Combined] [Teleport System] [Item Link]


Artiromiur Flyff Pycckuu npuBaTHbIu cepBep FlyFF Artiromiur.Podarki za lvl, za onlain, za sodejstvie administracii.


Fly For Faint - Oldschool Server Oldschool Server (v15) [V6-PK-System with Bounty-System] ROOT[24/7] [Rates: 5x Exp, 25x Drop, 25x Penya] [PartyFinder] [No-OP-Donates] [One-Klick-Jobchange] [PetFilter] [Unique Party-Exp-System] [big Spawns in Darkon]


Cluster - Fly For Fun Version 19 - Dedicated Server 24/7 Uptime - Up-To-Date System - Level Cap: 200 - Custom System - 9999x All Rates - Guild Siege every 30mins. - Daily Event - Custom World Madrigal - Market System - 70% of Powerful Items at NPC - Come and join us and be part of Cluster family!

Flyff Private Server


FlyForJungle - Exp x800, Penya x800, Drop x800 FlyForJungle is a brand new server full of fun with a growing community! We got custom features such as character re-sizing, and with coming soon new PvP systems and maps! We have a professional staff ready and willing to help you during your stay! We are under the process of balancing as much as possible every class for a quality gaming. We are waiting for you! Be part of our new community!


Inside Flyff V20 The Future New Server Englich and German Server Custom v20 Have Fun Rates 5000


WorldFlyFF V19 [High Rates / Custom Content] Level Cap 190, Max EXP Rate, Easy to Level-Up, All Awakes are 3Layer or (x3) including Fashions, PVP Damage, Increased Attack, Increased HP, can easily get in awakening, Easy to get new Sets and Weapon, Remantis can be hunt, Perin Vote Rewards, Fashion at NPC, other latest fashion can be hunt in monsters, Alternate Guild Siege, Rain and Snow (x5) increased Exp, Gold, Drops. World Flyff is worldwide Private Server, 24/7 Online, US Data Center. Join Us Now….


Fusion FlyFF v19 v19 [Rebirth Server] Rates : 10000x Exp 1k Drops 5k Penya [Always Updating][Custom Colo][All new Maps][PVP system][Aura Changer][Weapons/Armor Inshops][Awake always 75,100,150. Awake Everything!][High Upgrade rates][Custom Fashion][New Armor Sets][Siege Daily]Custom Teleporter w/ 30 teleport locations][Perin/Red Chip Drop][Stable and Growing][Much, much more!] What are you waiting for? Join Now!!


Royale-Flyffv19 [REBORN] Welcome to HIGH RATES Server, 9999Exp, 5000Drop, 3000Penya.AWAKENING RATES: 300STATS/75%. 24/7 UP TIME! NO DOWNTIME SINCE 2013.. Having thrill in game,you do not have to donate, cause some donate items are in RC shop, Royale Coin Exchanger, Voting Site! Come and join us now! By also hunting! You can get what you needed the most!!! Customized weapons for Non donors, and Cflyff armor set for non donors! & Collecting area with PREMIUM ITEMS! & Many more! Hurry up! with v19 interface, systems, etc


Clarity FlyFF v19 4th Jobs! [Currently in BETA][Fourth jobs][2300x EXP - 500x Drop - 4000x Penya][Active and professional staff team][Petfilter][Glowchanger][Daily Siege][Custom Items][Crafting][Weapon Leveling][Advanced Partyfinder][Most CS in shops][Loads of cool items][Day/night system][Advanced Teleport system][Join today!]


Holy Destination[MID RATE] custom server, nice community, many players and unique systems more fun and gameplay


Royale Flyff v19! [REBORN] A perfect private server has come just for you! 9999x Exp Rate, 6999 Drop Rate, 5999 Drop Rate, All weapons are custom made, v19 interface, custom World, Model Change, Glow Change, Party finder, Weapon leveling, etc. You can easily get decent yet powerful weapons by just collecting at collecting area, huntable items, farmable items. So what are you waiting for! Come and Play with us now. You will ever regret to play with us.. Fair players, Approachable Admins, especially Owner iRocK


Victory Flyff v19 [v19 Highrate & Fun with EXP: 9999 DROP:200 PENYA: 9999][NO DONATE WEAPONS][Level Cap: 175][Premium Items Are in The NPC][v18 Weapon Content][3rd jobs with working skills][V16-v18 maps][Fashion Combination System] [Colosseum System][Unuque Pet Filter][Teleport system][Glow Changer System][Jewelry can be awakened][Quick Job Change]


SaintFlyff v19 Welcome to SaintFlyff 24/7 Online with 6k all rates features: quick job change easy awake by typing /SaintAwakening many costum fashion glow change custom flaris and many more almost 2 years no wipe out so join our server and be the one of the strongest in this server


Fly For Pann v19 - Quality Server [Welcome to Fly For Pann v19] [Dedicated Server]Active Staffs x800 Exp, x500 Penya, x500 Drop, Balance Server, Glowing, Night & Day System, Fashion Combine , New Features, Growing Server, and More! Come and Join us ! Many Players Waiting For you !


Fly For Sky A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation/donation shop, everyone is equal. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom PvP matches, like CTF and Tower Defense. Custom Worlds. Glow Changer. Custom Quests. CS Seller sells Pick-up pets, CS Sets, and more. You could go to another server where they will nickle and dime you for CS Clothing, or you could come here. You will not regret joining.


• Hell Flyff Version 19 • [BALANCE SERVER][Server Rates EXP:5000 DROP:900 GOLD:900][Premium Items Are in The NPC][v18 Weapon Content][3rd jobs with working skills][V16-v18 maps][Fashion Combination System] [Colosseum System][Unuque Pet Filter][Teleport system][Glow Changer System][Jewelry can be awakened][Quick Job Change]


Paradise FlyFF - Back to the roots [V14] V14 Server, Exp: 1000x| Drop: 10x|Penya 100x, Prestige System, Arena Score System, Petfilter und vieles mehr!


FlyFFRevolution V17 50000x [Fully working 3rd Jobs][5000x EXP, 2500x DROPS, 50000x PENYA] [ItakProtected][Easy penya and items][Cheap donates][Active Staffs][Fixed Awakening Scroll in NPC][Customized Weapons in NPC][Everyday events and GS][Super customized Server][400 Min/Max Awakes]


Accel FlyFF All rates [6000x], Active community, Active staff, Guild Siege server, Custom items with updated items from CFlyFF!


[BETA] Dysidia FlyFF [NEW SERVER] Dysidia FlyFF is one of the most balanced PvP servers available. 5000x exp, custom drop table rates, 2000x penya. All weapons, armor, accessories in npc. Custom skills, armor, weapons, accessories. S card converter. Custom couple buffs and rewards. /Awake command. No negative awakenings. Custom consumables, beads, furniture. Join now for a great FlyFF PvP experience!

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