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    Extalia v149 [GMS] Low Rate MapleStory Private Server

    Real Localhost :: Low, competitive rates { 8x Exp / 2x Meso / 5x Drop } :: Impressive features { Level 250, Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Luminous, Phantom, Jett, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Xenon, Demon Avenger } :: Constant updates :: Closest to the official... Full Site Status

  • IN: 1905 2 OUT: 47

    L2Tales - EMPIRE x20

    NEW x20 OPENING 26 SEPTEMBER , 10k++ ONLINE MUCH FUN JOIN US!... Full Site Status

  • IN: 1209 3 OUT: 20

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    5/5/3 to 8/8/3 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - No Wipes, Up for 4+ years - Ep 13.3 - Nidhoggur - 90+ Custom Hair - 900+ Hats, Custom Dye/Pets/Quests - Unique Reward System - Monster/Map/Minigame of the Week - Resting System - Orphanage - 950-1350 Players... Full Site Status

  • IN: 983 4 OUT: 101


    First Russian server World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Full support client 5.4.2, realms: x100, x10, Fun. Total online 10k+ players. International players, english-speaking support and english website.... Full Site Status

  • IN: 807 5 OUT: 39

    Excalibur TBC 2.4.3

    #1 2.4.3 Burning Crusade realm for 5 years! Leveling rates x2 No custom donator items No custom content Active PvP and PvE All instances and raids open Regular updates and events Dedicated staff Join today ... Full Site Status

  • IN: 746 6 OUT: 1144

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    [OPEN BETA] Ellinia - GMS v155 - MapleStory Private Server

    [5x] [NOW ONLINE] Ellinia is competitive and always up to date. Ellinia offers you challenging content catered to you, while letting you socialize through our active, friendly community. Constant updates, new classes, all official bosses and much, m... Full Site Status

  • IN: 702 7 OUT: 26


    Up for a challenge with thousands of players? Soulsplit is the place to go! We provide the best gameplay out of all RSPS. We also provide world-wide servers to optimize your gameplay, offering locations in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Our Communi... Full Site Status

  • IN: 557 8 OUT: 113

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    MapleRoyals - Nostalgic MapleStory Server

    Join MapleRoyals and re-live your childhood! Experience vintage gameplay, 99% server uptime and all the PQs of old, including, but not limited to; KPQ - LPQ - LMPQ - PiratePQ and GuildPQ. We made sure that there is NO pay-2-win aspect, NO miracle cub... Full Site Status

  • IN: 533 9 OUT: 690

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    WoW Freakz Cataclysm

    4.3.4 * RATED BATTLEGROUNDS (NEW!) * TRANSMOGRIFICATION (NEW!) * 5000 players * Mastery * Reforge * Guild Advancement / Perks * Archeology * Dungeons / Raids * Conquest Points system * DK Rune System * Cataclysm spells/talents, all working... Full Site Status

  • IN: 500 10 OUT: 136

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    MagmaFlyff is a newly created server, made for the sole purpose of providing top quality Flyff game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the Flyff private server community. The server does not offer fancy custom wings, ridiculous sta... Full Site Status

  • IN: 462 11 OUT: 15

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    Exilium World International H5 PvP Server

    1000+ ONLINE, High Five, 100x EXP, 300x Adena. All H5 features working, Custom Shops/Areas, Global Gatekeeper, Scheme Buffer, 6 Auto-Events, Anti-Bot system, Balanced Classes, No-Lag, International, Great Community, Professional Staff and much more! ... Full Site Status

  • IN: 402 12 OUT: 4572

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    Ran Gunner EP7 NO Donation Server

    Gunner Class Version- Balance Gaming Experience- No Assassin Class(Imba kasi) - No Lag Issue- Light PC Requirements- Free Skills upto 7 - 217 - Max Refine +30- NO Donate Set- NO Donate Weapon- GM Events - CDM - CW - LastManStanding - 6H/6D Active Liv... Full Site Status

  • IN: 400 13 OUT: 530

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    Heroes WoW 5.0.5 and 3.3.5a 255 Level

    [High Rate x20 505 NO Custom][255 Level Cap 335a][Tier 1 to Tier 18][Fun realm x100 335a][New Race like Pandaren, Naga, High Elf etc][21000+ Custom Items][Amazing Custom and scripted Instances][Custom Quests][Working BG and Arena][Custom Mall][Balanc... Full Site Status

  • IN: 387 14 OUT: 22

    1.12.1 [wow private server]

    Feenix pre tbc. 1.12.1 Vanilla wow private server! No. 1 in development. The biggest population of classic wow! 1500+ online and growing! Multi-realms for different gameplay!... Full Site Status

  • IN: 319 15 OUT: 33

    Metin 2 Guabina Private Server NO Hamachi

    * Good Rates * 2000+ Online Every Hour * Dedicated Server * 100% Up Time * No Lag * No Bugs * 24hrs GM ONLINE * Custom Maps and Weapons * New Maps * Soon German, English and Portugues Languaje support * No Hamachi * Join Now! ... Full Site Status

  • IN: 298 16 OUT: 69

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    Insanity FlyFF - v19 Custom Cflyff Content - High Rates

    Max level 300 || High Rates[1000x] || Level Up Rewards || Custom PvP Systems || Balanced PvP/PvE || Over 1000 Players Online Daily || Auto Skills || Instant Awakes and Upgrading || Floating Wings System || Pet System || Ticket Support || Statted fash... Full Site Status

  • IN: 271 17 OUT: 92

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    MapleDestiny 16x4x4 v83

    Our custom patcher makes it easy to jump right into the game and enjoy our updated hair, eyes, and other vanity items! Constant development - Active and professional staff - Thriving and established economy - Competitive rates and players - GMS-like ... Full Site Status

  • IN: 261 18 OUT: 92

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    MapleCrystal - GMS v1.48 - 12/3/2

    A lowrate GMS private server overflowing with custom content. We have a huge variety of unique features, including a fully custom crafting system, a custom bonus potential and nebulite system, custom items, revamped dungeons, a scaling buffed channe... Full Site Status

  • IN: 253 19 OUT: 4

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    UO Excelsior Shard

    Friendly players, great staff with professional approach. Since 2006. Balanced economy and drop rates. Over 6 years running. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events... Full Site Status

  • IN: 215 20 OUT: 15

    LineBr - Lich King - Cataclysm - Lineage 2

    LineBr - Os Melhores Servidores Brasileiros Privados - World of Warcraft - Lich King (3.3.5a) e Cataclysm (4.3.4) - Lineage II (High Five). Entre e confira! ... Full Site Status

  • IN: 213 21 OUT: 108

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    AzaleaMS v83 1000x 500x 2x

    AzaleaMS is brand new high rate v83 server with a variety of unique features. Our extraordinary gameplay includes [v145 STYLISTS, ITEMS, CHAIRS, MOUNTS] [MU LUNG DOJO] [MINIGAMES] [PRESIDENTS] [HOUSES] [JUMP QUESTS] [PETS & PETVAC] [SUPER MSIS, RANDO... Full Site Status

  • IN: 213 22 OUT: 220

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    HawtMaple v155 - SAO

    SAO comes to HawtMaple! Rebirths, AIO Shop, crazy Events, Custom training grounds, Rebirth at level 200 possible AND MORE CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF! (900x Exp / 300x Meso / 25x Drop) We offer the most stable v155 gameplay out of the available servers. W... Full Site Status

  • IN: 206 23 OUT: 41

    Dalaran-WoW - Pure WOTLK with Retail Scripts.

    Feel the RETAIL Experience, Quality, Services, Stunning Blizzlike Content and Wintergrasp - Pathfinding and LoS - NO Gear by donations - No LAG - The most Bug free - Discover why we are the Server with the most Successful start.... Full Site Status

  • IN: 202 24 OUT: 34

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    Equinox FlyFF - The Free MMORPG For everyone

    Exp: x25, Penya: x25, Drop: x25 - Balanced Siege - Fast Client - New systems - Max lvl 161 H - Party Finder - Bug tracker - Pet Filter - Anti Aliasing - Penya Converter - Pro Staff - Dungeon timer - Stable ---NO PAY TO WIN---... Full Site Status

  • IN: 202 25 OUT: 1124

    Gamez AION - FULL 4.0 SUPPORT

    Exp 200x Drop 75x Quest 50x, All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP High Rate Server, Long Term, Free Fly, Skill Auto Learn, All Working Pets, Skills, Quests, NPCs, MOBs, Instances, Good Support, Join Now... Full Site Status

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